35 Most Helpful Online Blogging Tools (2022): Free or Freemium

Blogging is fun when you have a lot of tools to make your work easier.

When you’ve access to some great online blogging tools (all for free), you can work more at less time and be more productive. It will also improve your blog revenue and help you make a consistent income from blogging.

Today, I will share with you list of such 35 excellent online blogging tools you always wanted, and the good thing is that they all are free.

Also, since they are online tools you don’t have to install them on your computer, and you can access them from your browser, anytime you want.

These tools will help you in every step of blogging, from crafting catchy titles to finding brandable domain names. From creating visual images to testing your site speed and more.

So let’s get started.

35 Online Blogging Tools Every Blogger Need to Use

Best Online Blogging Tools for FREE

Let’s get started.

1. Write or Die

Write or Die Online Blogging Tool

Have you ever found yourself too lazy or slow to write an article? And you’re taking decades to write a thousand word article which you would have finished within one hour.

Now you don’t have to cry over this again. Write or Die will force you to write an article within the allotted time or else all your work will be erased.

Rules are simple, You set the time, start writing, and if you don’t complete your goal within that time, your all hard work will be deleted.

Personally, I have found this site very useful as it increases our speed and working under pressure is one of my hidden strength.

2. PiktoChart

PiktoChart Online Blogging Tool
Game of Thrones Infographic

You don’t need to learn PhotoShop or other such product to create an Infographic. With PiktoChart, you can create beautiful Infographics for free.

Since Infographics are getting popular day by day; you need to start working on this.

3. PicMonkey

Hands down the closest online alternative to PhotoShop. You can create colorful and beautiful images for use on your blog.

Tools likes, touch up, shades are helpful to edit personal pictures. Although there are some ads in the free version, it is worth all the features it has to offer.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite Online Blogging Tool

You can’t be on every social media at the same time, but you can’t ignore them as well. So, how to tackle this?

It is where HootSuite comes under the light. It is one of the most popular social media schedulers you can get for free. Hootsuite will help you schedule your post on different social media channels so that you don’t have to worry about doing it.

5. SEMrush

Semrush Online Blogging Tool

Again the best of best. SEMrush is a multi-functional tool which lets you analyze your domain name and your SERP rankings.

It helps you find total search queries and competition of a keyword.

And the most important function is that you can keep a track on your competitor’s site and steal their visitors.

The free plan has limited features, but you can get a Free Trial of the premium plan by using this unique link.

6. Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet Online Blogging Tool

Click to Tweet is one hell of an online blogging tool for bloggers who are active on Twitter. What it does is explained in the above image.

7. Sucuri

Sucuri Online Blogging Tool

Securing your site from unwanted malware should be the utmost priority.

Sucuri makes this a lot easier. Just visit the Sucuri site and enter your website URL. It will analyze it and report you with the security status and if there are any malware or infections on your site.

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If you’re a self-hosted WordPress user, then you can install ‘Sucuri’ plugin for real-time security.

8. Canva

Canva Online Blogging Tool

A wonderful image creator tool which will allow you to create engaging and high-quality images in every size you want.

There are predefined sizes and free templates available for all Social Media Channels, ebook covers, ads, and printable documents.

You can use Canva to create Infographics too.

Canva is free of charge as long as you use your images and objects. (do not use copyrighted images if you want to stay away from legal troubles. Use these places to download high-quality copyright free photos.)

9. Headline Optimizer

craft catchy headlines for bloggers

Analyzing headlines is one important part of curating a perfect post. You must have read some very catchy and exciting headings over the internet which make you click on them.

Headline Optimizer is one hell of such tool which will teach you how to craft click-worthy headlines.

10. Flame Domain

FlameDomain Free Features

FlameDomain is my favorite domain name suggestion tool.

After using it for the first time, I was in love with the odd names it suggests.

If you haven’t yet started blogging, then you need to use FlameDomain to Find Short & Brandable Domain Names for Free.

11. Hemingway

Hemingway Online Blogging Tool

Spelling mistakes and errors are very common while writing content. Hemingway is a proofreader tool which will proofread your articles and show you how to improve it more and more.

It gives you a reading score based on the sentence fragmented, passive voice sentences used, and difficult words.

12. GTMetrix

GTMetrix Online Blogging Tool

The speed of a site is a major factor in the user experience. 70% of people tend to leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

GTMetrix is a fantastic online blogging tool which tests your site loading speed and shows what is making your site slower.

It will also give some tips to improve the loading speed. And if you’re techy then additional details are provided too. Check out this guide about GTMetrix from Kinsta and you’ll be able to tackle the problems with your site.

13. Pexels

Visual contents are very engaging and attractive parts of a blog. But, you need some high-quality images for it.

Pexels is a site which contains hundreds & thousand of Royalty Free Stock Photos you can use on your blog.

Bonus: I have shared 50+ stock photo sites where you can download high-quality pictures for free.

14. Design-Seeds

Color combination on your blog is essential as it helps you build your brand.

Design-Seeds will help you find the perfect color combinations for your site.

You can choose from the predefined combinations or create a new one with a preview.

15. Font Squirrel

Finding the perfect font combination is a difficult task.

Fonts on your site should be readable and of suitable size. Font Squirrel is a site which helps you find perfect font combinations with preview.

It also has a vast collection of free fonts for you. I changed my heading font from Negative Signika to Montserrat after using it.

Check out my list of best Google fonts if you’re confused about what font will look perfect on your blog.

16. Google Analytics

Analyzing your site traffic, search terms, and user information is an important aspect of growing a blog.

Google Analytics is the most widely used tool to keep track of your site and its performance. Also, it is one of the smartest things you should do before launching your blog. And you can stop spam traffic too.

17. EverNote

EverNote is a note-taking app I always use. It automatically syncs with your phone and laptop so that you don’t miss your viral post ideas ever.

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It also lets you share your thoughts with your clients and friends.

18. MailerLite

Email marketing is one habit every wanna be successful blogger should get used to.

And collecting emails is the first step of it. MailerLite is a free email marketing tool which lets you have up to 1000 subscribers for free. Additionally, you get to use premium features like autoresponders with the free plan.

I switched from MailChimp to MailerLite last month, and I love it here.

19. Blog Topic Generator

Are you getting out of ideas to write new blog posts? This tool will help you find some interesting blog topics based on your keywords.

Multiple types of subjects are provided which are click-worthy and have the potential to go viral.

Bonus: Read blog post ideas where I have shared 13 different places to get blog post ideas.

20. Whois.net

Whois.net Online Blogging Tool

Interested in knowing who is the owner of a domain name and what web hosting they are using? Or you want to contact a domain owner but can’t find the contact details?

Whois.net will allow you to know all these details unless that person is using a Whois Guard.

21. DNS Pingdom Tool

DNS Pingdom Online Blogging Tool

A handy tool which lets you check if your nameservers are configured correctly or not.

Since it takes 48 hours for propagation, It is very helpful if you’re making a switch from one web hosting to another to keep track of DNS status.

22. PinGroupie

Pinterest group boards are the most valuable asset to get traffic from Pinterest. The tool will let you find Pinterest group boards for every topic you can imagine.

Enter your keyword and filter the settings to find the best results.


IFTTT Online Blogging Tool

Abbreviated for IF This Then That, is an insanely excellent tool which lets you have predefined actions for social media.

For example, if you want to post on multiple channels when you tweet a new post then you can use IFTTT to perform this.

24. Compressor.io

A simple yet powerful tool to optimize your high quality and large size images to reduce the size without degrading the quality. Having small size photos will boost your site speed.

25. Bit.ly

Bit.ly Online Blogging Tool

Everyone’s favorite URL shortener which lets you short and keeps track of total clicks on your URLs.

It is handy when you want to post your links on Twitter or social sites when there is a character limit.

26. Geni.us

An extremely helpful tool for Amazon Affiliates. Geni.us will let you short your Amazon affiliate links and will automatically globalize it.

That means if your Amazon affiliate link is from Amazon.com and a user from India clicks on the link, he will be redirected to Amazon.in page of the same product. And you will earn commission for that.

Now, no more losing your money because of your diversified traffic.

27. ZOHO Mail

ZOHO Mail Online Blogging Tool

ZOHO is a multi-functional tool which is purely business oriented. ZOHO Mail is one of its tool which lets you host your domain (business) email account.

For example, if you want an email as admin@mydomain.com, ZOHO Mail will let you have and hosted for you for free.

Since Google Apps now charge a hefty amount for creating a business email, ZOHO Mail is a great alternative to it.

28. OpenShift

OpenShift by RedHat is a free web hosting provider for hosting your applications and domains. OpenShift is a trusted host and can easily manage 100-200 visitors a day.

If you want to start a WordPress Site but don’t have the budget to buy web hosting then OpenShift can be an excellent way to host your site for free.

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But, don’t stick to it, buy a shared web hosting provider like SiteGround when your site starts getting more traffic.

If you want to buy unlimited WordPress hosting for the same cost, then buy from InterServer. You can try their service for just $0.01 by applying coupon code “BLOGCHARGE” with no contracts attached.

29. Flaticon.com

Flaticon Online Blogging Tool

Flaticon.com is a great site to find beautiful, colorful and free icons which you can use on your site or images. You only need to give proper credit to the creator/designer.

30. Pinterest

Well, Pinterest is not a tool technically, but it serves as a great content curation tool for me.

If you want to find new content and ideas to write about, then Pinterest can be a handy tool for you. You can follow me on Pinterest to stay connected.

31. Google Trends

Finding a trending topic to write is one thing most famous bloggers do. With Google Trends you can find the most popular and trending topics rounding on the internet.

Write an article on trending topics and see your site flood with internet traffic.

32. ZenPen.io

ZenPen.io is a great writing tool which keeps you away from distraction.

It provides you with a minimal writing zone, which supports the use of Bold, Italic, and URLs. Which makes it a must-have online blogging tool if you want to increase your productivity.

33. Quora

I saved the best for the last.

Quora is the most popular Q&A site which helps you find an answer to every question you can imagine. The people over there are helpful (and sarcastic) and will help you find a perfect reply to a question.

If used in a smart way, you can get many potential clients and readers to your site. Also, it is another content curation tool which you can use to write new blog posts.

That’s it, Folks! I will keep updating the list with new online blogging tools and removing those who are outdated. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in touch.

Updated Tools

34. Traffic Wonker

Traffic Wonker is an ultimate Pinterest automation tool that will let you automate your pins to your favorite Pinterest boards for free. There’s no pricing involve, and you can schedule unlimited pins with few clicks.

When you sign up for your free account, you will get an ebook which walks you through the basics. Here are few more mouth watering features of this free tool.

TrafficWonker Free Pinterest Automation Tool

35. Trello Boards

Trello is a great tool for content management. It has a beautiful user interface and all the necessary functions to make you fall in love with it.

You can assign and add different color labels in various categories. It makes it easier to maintain a right balance of every category. Moreover, you can share your boards with your writing team to get suggestions and work in collaboration.

Author’s Final Words

These tools have helped me a lot in my blogging journey and helped me increased my productivity. Despite the blogging mistakes I have made, I’m happy with my current position.

I hope you have found this list of online blogging tools helpful. I will keep updating this list with more tools as I use them. Bookmark this post to keep yourself updated.

What tools are you using? Is there any worth mentioning tool I missed? Share your words in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and pin below image. Enjoy Blogging!

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  1. Well done Shafi, thanks for sharing about these free and best tools out there for new bloggers. You post would be really very helpful for bloggers who are looking for the most recommended tools for blogging game. Keep up the great blog!

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  4. Thanks for this amazing list! I’ve recently started a blog, I found that Quora is a great service for understanding market trends and human thinking process. This is a site for finding insights for marketing strategy.

  5. Great list, Shafi. Quora is a great service for understanding market trends and human thinking process. This is a site for finding insights for marketing strategy.
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  6. Thanks for sharing with us such great resource. The fact I like the most is that they all online
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  8. Zen Pen should be a mandatory tool for content writers on open space offices everywhere!

    Also, Write or Die is the best/worst thing ever.

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    I have been using GTMetrix, Hootsuite for a very long time. The tools mentioned in the list can be really helpful for the bloggers.
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    Click to Tweet can be a really interesting tool. Embedding the tweets in the middle of the posts is always good.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Shafi, thanks for this amazing list! What I enjoy the most, that all of these tools are freebies! IFTTT looks promising!

    You could also check Unplag (they have a solid plagiarism checker with a free version https://unplag.com/free-plagiarism-checker) and Noisly https://www.noisli.com (it’s a tool for creating a distraction-free environment for blogging. Using it you could choose the best background noise for your work – rainy, water sounds or some other noises)

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