What is Blogging, Anyway?

Complete Guide to BLOGGING

Blogging started as a way for individuals to share their life experiences with others by creating an online diary. But, in the last decade, it has evolved into something different. Completely different.

Today, Blogging is a profession. It's no longer a habit and a weekend project but a full-time profession that can help you earn a decent income without having to get a so-called “real job.”

Blogging can free you from a 9-5 job which stresses you and makes you believe that “your life s*ck.”

It allows you to work from anywhere and work in your pajamas as long as you have an internet connection.

But, what most forget it that blogging is still a job - a job which requires serious work and passion towards success.

Moreover, it's no longer just for individuals but for businesses as well. Business owners have understood the power of blogging, and almost every business website now has a blog page - sharing relevant articles.

Simply put, Blogging is a medium which helps you share any information over the internet to readers who needs it the most.

How Blogging Help Individuals and Business Owners?

As stated, blogging helps both individuals like me and business owners.

For an individual, the benefits are direct, which can be:

  • Freedom and luxury to work from anywhere anytime
  • Work on something they truly love
  • No need to drive to the same cubicle every day
  • Be your own boss and run 9-5 jobs
  • Earn multi-figure income and support their dreams
  • Low investment cost meaning anyone can get started
  • A chance to get popular among internet users

On the other hand, for a business website, the benefits are indirect as:

  • Educating their readers
  • Familiarize potential customers with what we do and what to expect
  • Show our expertise by writing detailed guides about topic
  • Have a section to share with ourselves and important events
  • And a chance to reach more user base than we ever could by physical means
  • Get free targeted customers from Search Engines

Who Should Start A Blog?

  • You like helping others with your knowledge
  • People turn to you when they face any problems regarding certain “topic,” or they believe that you are their savior
  • You don't want to spend your life in a cubicle (This is what motivated me)
  • You want to make internet a better place with helpful articles and contribute your worth
  • Writing and multi-tasking aren't third-world terms to you
  • You have enough free time which is wasted and you want to make most of it

Blogging Statistics

Hera are some fascinating Blogging statistics to inspire you to get on the train before it's too late.

Blogs are Published on the Web
Blog Posts are Written Each Day
Average Annual Earning of A Blogger

Better Chances of Ranking if You Have A Blog


Internet Users Read Blogs


US Consumers Have Made A Purchase Based on A Blog Post

How To Start A Blog

#1 Choose A Niche

Start A Blog - Choose A Niche

The very first thing you need before you start a blog is to settle on a niche - a topic which you know and have some prior knowledge.

It's important that you analyze a niche for competition and make sure you aren't up against the biggest players.

If possible narrow down yourself to a specific sub-niche. Example, "dog food" is a sub-niche for pets niche.

Some of the most popular (and competitive) blogging niches are:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Make Money Online
  • Blogging
  • Finance
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Travelling
  • Pets and Animals

#2 Find A Domain Name

Start A Blog - Find a Domain Name

Once you've settled on a niche, you need to give your site a name. It should be easy to type, remember, brandable, and reflect what your blog is about.

You can either buy the domain name separately (which costs around $10), or get one for free with our suggested web hosting (recommended for beginners)

Few rules to remember while deciding on a domain name:

  • Avoid Number and Hyphens
  • Stick to Top Level Domains (.com, .net, .org)
  • Check if domain name has a spammed history (how)
  • Stay away from brand infringement and copyrights
  • Use domain name generators
  • Consult your friends
  • Avoid exact-match-domain names (optional)

#3 Buy Web Hosting

Start a Blog - Buy Web Hosting

Simply put, web hosting is a cloud server space where your site will live and users from all over the world can request the access to it.

There are different types of hosting services available, but for beginners, shared hosting is what we recommend.

While buying the web hosting, it's important that you do not go cheap and buy a decent quality hosting which can handle good traffic and stays online for a maximum time.

Some of our recommended shared web hosting providers are:

Feel free to search the internet and analyze other web hosting services which suit your needs.

#4 Install WordPress

Start a Blog - Install WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) used by bloggers and website owners.

In fact, 22% of the internet website uses WordPress. And we recommend you the same.

Note: WordPress.org and WordPress.com are entirely different (read more

To install WordPress, you need web hosting (which we talked earlier.) It has become really easy to install WordPress with the help of 1-click installers supported by most web hosting providers.

If you still need a step-by-step guide to install WordPress, check out this page where I have demonstrated the process with SiteGround web hosting.

Done! You've successfully started a blog and ready to publish your first blog post.

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