45 Amazing Places to Share Your Blog Post And Get Huge Traffic

Blog Promotion Sites

Around 77% of internet users read a blog every day, yet you’re struggling to attract enough traffic to your blog. The reason might not be your writing skills, but how good you’re at promoting.

There are tons of places on the internet where you can share your articles and get free traffic which eventually will turn into your loyal reader base. But what are those places?

To make your struggle more comfortable, I’ve compiled a list of 45 blog promotion sites where you can share your latest articles for free. Hop on!

17 Actionable Traffic Tips to Get Your First 1000 Visitors A Day

17 Actionable Traffic Tips

Let me ask you one simple question? What keeps a blogger happy?

Contents? Nope.

Money? Yes, but there’s something better.

Traffic? Yes, Completely.

A bloggers life revolve around traffic and there’s no point in blogging if you’re the only one who is reading your blog.

Nevertheless, some friends or family members may visit and appreciate your writing skills, but it doesn’t make a lot of difference.

We bloggers want our posts to go viral. We want hundreds of visitors visiting and reading our articles and leaving their views.

But, not everyone achieves this.

Due to lack of traffic, many new bloggers will close blogging and consider blogging as a waste of time.

So, how do the top bloggers can bring thousands and millions of people on their blogs?

They have some secrets and methods you never knew and applied.