Amazon Launches Official Amazon Associates Link Builder Plugin

Amazon has launched its official WordPress plugin called Amazon Associates Link Builder that lets you create Amazon affiliate links and add products to your posts without having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin is helpful for bloggers who want to add affiliate products quickly without having to visit Amazon site and copy paste the product images.

There are few free as well as paid plugins like Amalinks Pro are already available, but for people on a budget, it is better to use the official free plugin.

Features of the Amazon Link Builder Plugin

  • Amazon’s product catalog search built directly into the WordPress editor.
  • Product link posting via shortcode
    Four, pre-built ad templates including multi-product options.
  • Responsive ads sizes as well as fixed, custom sizes.
  • Custom ads template options.
  • Ad performance tracking

How to Mask Affiliate Links for Better Click Through Rate

If you are interested in blogging, you must have come across bloggers who are earning thousand of dollars through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing has the potential to make you six figure income and help you quit your 9-5 job.

But, there’s one mistake most of the bloggers make while referring affiliate products.

And what’s that, you ask? To not mask the affiliate links.

Masking affiliate links mean to change the actual referral URL with a nice looking URL.

There are three primary advantages of masking affiliate links –

1. You can keep track of clicks.
2. Your affiliate links much cleaner and professional.
3. It increases the Click Through Rate (more on this below).

For example, if you are promoting an affiliate link of EverNote, then by default it will look like this

However, it is cluttered and doesn’t give a nice impression.

On the other hand, if the same link is masked as then it gives a more personal touch and looks clean.