Top 7 Best and Free Domain Authority Checker Tools in 2018

Domain Authority Checker Tools

Competitor analysis is the #1 important step before starting a project. If you want to start a new website, analyze the top 10 pages ranking on the Google for your target keyword.

But what should be the metric you should be looking at? How to decide the strength of a domain? Domain Authority is one important metric that gives a better idea of domain strength and how well it will rank on Google.

In this article, I have collected top 7 free and best Domain Authority checker tools available. Hope it helps!

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Website Bounce Rate: Why You Aren’t Ranking on The First Page of Google

What is Bounce Rate

If you’re wondering why your page can’t rank better on SERP or why people don’t spend much time, engage, or share your article, there’s a single metric to blame. And it goes by the name Bounce Rate.

I have faced the issue myself and spent hours doing research on how to reduce bounce rate and finally get my pages ranked higher. In this post, I’m sharing top 8 silly reasons why your blog might have a high bounce rate and how to fix it.

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201 Words to Use Instead of Very: Effectively Improve Your Writing and Communicate Better

Words to Use Instead of Very

Are you using the word ‘very’, very frequently in your writing to make it very powerful and create an impact that will last for a very long time?

Well, as you might have already observed, using the word ‘very’ again and again kills the sentence and makes it look like a lazy attempt to create powerful writing.

To help you write better articles or whatever you write regularly, we’ve created a massive list of 201 words to use instead of very. These words are more powerful and create a better impact on readers.

You can also download the complete list and print it for later use or refer to it when writing.

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Google Rankings Drop: Reasons behind It and How to Recover (A Noob Friendly Guide)

Google Rankings Drop and How to Recover

It was a usual day. You opened your Google Analytics account to check how your blog has been performing lately. But! The things aren’t usual. There are fewer sessions, low page views, and organic traffic has been consistently low. You started cursing Google for showing lesser love on your site …

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SEO Case Study: From Being Hit by Google to 51,000 Monthly Pageviews in 6 Months

SEO case study 50000 Pageviews in 6 months

Traffic puts a smile on every blogger’s face. Not always, but bigger traffic means you can earn more and have a stable revenue + authority in the niche. But not everyone can achieve desired traffic, and in the process of pleasing Google (to get more traffic), you can even get …

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13 Powerful Sources to Get Hundreds of Blog Post Ideas (Under 30 Minutes!)

13 Sources for New Blog Post Ideas

Want more content ideas and update your blog with brand new content frequently? But scratching your head isn’t helping?

If you’ve answered Yes and Yes, you’re about to read a perfect resource for you. In this article, I’m listing out 13 best places to get content ideas which I personally use to generate hundreds of blog post ideas in under 30 minutes!

Additionally, there is a bonus suggestion which is well-tested and proven to work. So, make sure to stick till the end.

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WordPress SEO Checklist – 13 Powerful Tips to Rank Higher in 2017

WordPress SEO Checklist 2017

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a never ending game and it will not let you complete the game and enjoy your victory once and for all.

You may have worked like a robot and make your web pages rank on the first page of Google searches. But, there are people who are working more harder than you and are trying to outrank you.

Moreover, there are Google updates that are rolled frequently and if you’re not making appropriate updates to your web pages then consider a decrease in rankings.

So, what’s the solution?

Keep updating your site and stay up to date with latest changes and algorithms. Now, as 2016 has come to an end you need to make your WordPress website SEO-ready for 2017.

In this article, I will share some important SEO factors you need to take care of and whether you already has a website or willing to start one, you need to pass this WordPress SEO Checklist 2017.

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