One of the biggest milestones for an internet marketer/blogger is Email Subscriber.

Each and every email subscriber counts as at least three times more valuable than social media followers.

I have said it again and again, getting a user to subscribe to your email list is an ultimate task.

You have to win their trust i.e. make them assure that their details are in good hands, provide something useful to them that is worth their time and email address, and finally have them allow you to contact anytime with important updates.

That’s a lot of work, isn’t it?

But with the help of some helpful email marketing strategies and tools (like MailerLite), one can easily crack the secret of collecting subscribers.

But, what next?

No one focuses on the next biggest challenge. And the challenge is to save your emails from landing in the Spam Box.

Because 99.99% people never open their spam folders, and even if they do, you don’t want to be there with other low quality, spammy emails.

So, how do you train yourself to format emails which aren’t landed directly to the Spam Box?

Below is an infographic created by the team behind TechnologyAdvice which I found fascinating and thought would help you as well.

Top Email Marketing Mistakes

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My Two Cents

If you were thinking I’ll summarize this article without sharing something from my experience, then boy! You’re not going to see it happening.

Below are few important lessons I have learned the hard way about Email Marketing.

  • Add email opt-in boxes on your blog or business website from day one.
  • Invest in a good Email Marketing tool like MailerLite, Aweber. It really pays off in long run.
  • Don’t just keep sending emails about new articles. Your readers can visit your blog for it. Give them something helpful, inspirational that they can’t find on your website.
  • A/B testing can prove to be a real time saver and effective.
  • Spend some time and create/design some opt-in freebies. They simply work.
  • And finally, keep your sales pitches professional with a touch of a person. Nothing too emotional, and nothing too robotic.

Final Words

If you’ve been blogging for awhile now, you must have understood the importance of emails. And probably you may have few hundreds of email subscribers.

If not, you should get to work and modify your blog for the same. Once, you have 1000 subscribers, it is a matter of time to reach the next thousands, and so on.

Avoid the above mentioned silly email marketing mistakes, and you’ll love your email subscribers more than anything.

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