GetResponse vs ClickFunnels (2021): Which Offers A Better All-In-One Solution?

From landing-page builder optimization to digital product delivery, all-in-one marketing solutions such as GetResponse and ClickFunnels make the lives of entrepreneurs and marketers a tad easier. They help centralize your funnel-building process so you won’t have to stitch together different tools to complete your funnel.

ClickFunnels has long been one of the go-to platforms for funnel-building while GetResponse is more known for landing page optimization and email marketing. GetResponse now offers similar funnel-building features as ClickFunnels at a lower cost, but is it a worthy alternative? We break down their similarities and differences and how well their tools work in this unbiased review so you can choose which platform perfectly fits your business.

GetResponse vs ClickFunnels Comparison Chart

clickfunnels logo
PriceCheck Pricing Plans at GetResponse.comCheck Pricing Plans at
Standout FeaturesAffordable pricing plans, Comprehensive email marketing toolsUser-friendly sales funnel builder templates, Affiliate management program
Landing PagesUnlimited100 to unlimited
FunnelsWebinar: 5 to unlimited

Lead: Unlimited

Sales: 1 to unlimited

20 to unlimited
Email AutomationYesYes
Autoresponders YesNo
Contact Tagging and ScoringYesNo
Team Management Up to 10 usersUp to 10 users
Unique VisitorsUnlimited20,000 to unlimited
Affiliate ManagementNoYes
Free Trial Period30 days14 days


GetResponse has lower monthly plan options than ClickFunnels

getresponse vs clickfunnels pricing
The price of the four pricing tiers of GetResponse (top) depends on your subscriber list

Comparing the pricing plan of GetResponse and ClickFunnels can be a bit tricky to navigate. While you shouldn’t base your decision on pricing alone, GetResponse’s pricing plans make it the more attractive option for entrepreneurs or marketers who are still starting out and have a smaller audience. Once your subscriber list starts to grow, you’ll find that GetResponse and ClickFunnels cost about the same.

GetResponse has four pricing tiers and each tier gets more expensive the more subscribers you have. Its Basic plan includes unlimited landing pages and lead funnels alongside its standard email marketing features. You get to do one sales funnel on the GetResponse entry-level plan as well. Webinar funnels are included in the Plus, Professional, and Max tiers and each tier offers different capacities of webinar attendees. They also include more advanced automation tools such as contact scoring, segmentation, and visual automation builder.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels has a more straightforward pricing system than GetResponse. Its three pricing tiers, the standard ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels Platinum, and the Two Comma Club, vary mostly on the number of funnels you can create. The number of landing pages, users, payment gateways, and unique visitors per month are different for each tier as well. Something ClickFunnels doesn’t mention on its pricing plans is its base plan is limited to 20,000 unique visitors per month. If you’re subscribed to this plan and exceed that limit, a noticeable ClickFunnels logo will show up on your videos.


ClickFunnels’ funnel builder is more robust and reliable than GetResponse’s

One of ClickFunnels’ greatest strengths is how easy it is to create your funnels within the platform

Both ClickFunnels and GetResponse let you complete your sales and webinar funnels within their platform. From landing page to “Thank you” page templates, they provide pre-built funnel builders so you can get your funnel up and running even without coding knowledge. What sets them apart is how well they do it.

ClickFunnels, having been in the funnel game longer than GetResponse, has a highly-capable funnel-building interface. It lets you choose from different types of funnels that you can easily tweak to suit your branding. If you run an agency and create funnels for different clients, duplicating your favorites can be done easily on ClickFunnels. Something ClickFunnels doesn’t mention in its pricing plan comparison chart is its unique visitors. If your landing page exceeds 20,000 visitors in the base plan, your audience will see a ClickFunnels badge on your videos.

Meanwhile, GetResponse lets you set-up a sales funnel and host webinars as well, but the experience isn’t as seamless as ClickFunnels’. GetResponse’s builder can be buggy and slow at times, too. While GetResponse’s webinar funnel and hosting help minimize the need to add another plugin for this purpose, it’s worth noting that it’s limited. For instance, the number of attendees for the Plus is only 100 and the highest-tier plan has a cap of 500 attendees. If you typically have a larger number of webinar viewers, then GetResponse is not the platform for you.

Email Marketing & Automation

GetResponse outshines ClickFunnels when it comes to email marketing and automation tools

GetResponse has a built-in visual workflow automation 

While GetResponse cannot compete against ClickFunnels (yet) in terms of funnel-building, it does fare well in other departments. GetResponse was first and foremost an email marketing software, and it shows through its powerful email marketing tools. GetResponse has a better deliverability rate than ClickFunnels, as some emails tend to bounce when sent from ClickFunnels.

Unlike ClickFunnels, GetResponse has an inbuilt visual workflow automation tool and other advanced features such as contact tagging, scoring, segmentation, and similar functions. You can also do these with ClickFunnels, but you’ll have to install a third-party plugin for this purpose. In fact, ClickFunnels supports the integration of GetResponse in its platform.

Both GetResponse and ClickFunnels let you split test your landing pages and opt-in forms. Between the two, you’ll get more in-depth email analytics and visually appealing reports on GetResponse. You can easily see your open-rates, CTR, unsubscribe, mobile and desktop usage, and similar metrics on GetResponse.

Integrations & Additional Features

Both platforms allow integration with a wide range of marketing software

GetResponse and ClickFunnels let you connect your funnels with leading marketing tools

One of the factors worth considering when choosing between GetResponse and ClickFunnels is which platform is compatible with your current marketing tools. If your existing solutions are from big names such as Shopify, WordPress, Zapier, or HubSpot, you won’t have a problem integrating them with either GetResponse or ClickFunnels. For a complete list of GetResponse’s integrations, click here, and for ClickFunnels, you can check it out here.

Another feature worth mentioning about ClickFunnels is its affiliate management program called BackPack. With this tool, you can offer an affiliate program for your products and services. However, its features are still limited compared to other affiliate management tools like Tapfiliate. In terms of customer support, ClickFunnels pales in comparison to GetResponse’s award-winning support team.


GetResponse is best for newer or smaller businesses who want to build funnels at a lower cost while ClickFunnels is for agencies or marketers who build funnels for clients.

Both GetResponse and ClickFunnels are powerful platforms and can streamline your marketing processes. Undoubtedly, ClickFunnels is the more superior funnel-building platform. Its interface is smoother and easier to use. If the monthly cost is no object, we recommend ClickFunnels as it can save you more time when creating your webinar, leads, or sales funnels. ClickFunnels lets you try its platform for 14 days for free so you can see whether you’re happy with what it has to offer.

However, GetResponse is the one that alleviates the need for a third-party email marketing plugin. It has more extensive email marketing, automation, and analytics tools, and at a lower monthly cost as well. Its Plus plan offers great value for money as it gives you access to its funnel-building features. If you’re on a limited budget and are still growing your subscriber list and audience, GetResponse offers a good place to start. The caveat, however, is it can get expensive once you get more subscribers. If you want to test GetResponse’s features first, you can do so for free for 30 days here.

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