220 High PR DoFollow Forums to Boost Your Blog Backlinks (2021)

If you are a blogger, you need backlinks to grow and rank better in search engine result pages.

And the truth is, you will find it difficult to build quality backlinks especially when you are new to blogging and SEO. So, let me first clear some basics of backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

Simply put, backlinks are points from other internet pages pointing towards your page. It can come from your own site or someone else’s. When you link to your content, the backlinks are known as internal links. However, when other website owners link to yours, these are called external links.

Both internal, as well as external links, are important for a good SEO strategy, but more importance is given to links from other sites (why? because they’re difficult to build.)

What is the importance of backlinks?

To understand this, let’s assume backlinks as a voting system. When someone links your articles, search engines add one vote to your article. The value of a vote depends on the type of backlink, the authority of domain which linked to you, and anchor text used.

And if many sites are linking to your articles, it indicates to search engines that the article is helpful and thus it should be ranked higher. Hence, more *quality* backlinks = better rankings.

What are the types of backlinks?

There are two types of backlinks.

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1. Do-follow Links

DoFollow links, as the name suggests are the links which ask search engine bots to follow the links. Whenever someone links your article with a DoFollow link, you get the point as a backlink.

DoFollow links are crucial for good SERP rankings and PR. Such backlinks from relevant websites can boost your website ranking quickly.

2. No-Follow Links

Nofollow links are the one who doesn’t encourage search engine bots to follow the links. It means you are not getting the point of it. In general, blog comment links are No-Follow.

However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bother about getting any No-Follow backlinks. Commenting on another blog is a nice way of engagement, and in turn, it may bring you a lot of traffic.

So now, as you have the basic idea of what backlinks are let me introduce a new term called Page Rank (PR)

What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is a calculation, invented by Google, which evaluates the quality and quantity of links to a site and score that website or webpage on a scale of 0 to 10. It was named after Google’s co-founder Larry Page and first appeared back in 2000.

0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest page rank.

There are very handful of sites that are having PR 10 including twitter.com. Newly launched websites start with a PR 0 and as they receive more links their PageRank increases.

Important: Google PR is no longer a ranking factor or a means to decide how good is a site. So, do perform your own tests and check before proceeding with below sites.

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So without any more information and technical terms, let me present you the list of 220 High PR DoFollow Forums.

220 High PR DoFollow Forums

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Before writing the conclusion, I would like to suggest you few tips to not get banned on these forums.

  • Complete your profile and write a unique and catchy description.
  • Connect your Social Media account to show that your account is legit.
  • Comment and help others with useful information. Do not just reply with one word like ‘thanks’ ‘good’ and ‘helpful’.
  • Appreciate others and ask for help. They are willing to help everyone who is interested in learning.
  • Do not leave links to your site in every reply. Everyone hates spam.

And lastly, do not create an account on all the above forums. Only forums which are related to your niche are going to help you in link building process.

Final Words

Do-Follow links are important for every blogger who wants a good PR and better search engine rankings. I hope the above list of 220 high PR DoFollow Forums will boost your blog ranking, traffic, and earnings by 10x.

Don’t forget to share the list with your friends and followers. Comment below if you know any active forum which gives a DoFollow link.

Bookmark this page as I would keep adding more links to the list regularly. For now, get started and start building Do-Follow links.

220 High Pr Do-Follow Backlinks from Froums

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  1. It is true this a great list unfortunately most of the links are dead while other are no longer accepting registration or comments at all. I will request you counter check those that still valuable to us. Thank you

  2. Informative content, keep sharing btw Building quality backlinks are really tough,you must have to pay extra attention while building backlinks. forums are still the best way to build backlinks and drive quality traffic to your blog.

  3. Great post. however, i just read an article, google has not updated pagerank since 2013. further, when i check the available free online tools to check page rank for various sites including mine, all tools gives different values.

    in one another blog i have read, the number of links to a page from other pages of the same site decides the importance of the page thus the page rank

    yesterday, i have read a story of a blogger, how he lost his ranking by blogging in to a particular site for back lings to his blog.

    So would pager rank is still in existence?
    Do realy back links matter in the ranking?

    • as per the google guidlines, the content is the king.
      a few points, i thing relevent are,
      1/. give a meaning full title to your blog
      2/. ensure the title is in the log url,
      3/. try to organise the blog content in paragraph, if possible add bulletpoints by ul/ol and li
      4/.keep posting regularly.
      5/. ensure your page is acccessible from any part of your website(proper navigation)
      6/. use google search console to check the url and request to add it to index
      i think only these much are in our control, the rest is based on the search-engin’s algorithms

  4. That’s a good list but when you have the time please do revise it as several of these either do not exist or redirect to another page that has no connection to the link.


  5. Hi!
    Grateful to find this blog that had helped me to know about back-links as well as knowing categorization in Do-follow and No-follow links. Similarly knowing how it is important to post back-link on external link to increase votes.


  6. You are the best I checked your all back-link some are not work but it is okay. Great work I ranked many of my websites, by using your list. Thank you so much for this post.

  7. Just saying a bog thanks to admin. This list is very useful for me. After a long search, I found this list by this blog. thanks again.

  8. This post saves a lot of work of mine. such amazing lists are here. Forum is a great source to get a quality link. Keep sharing and thanks a lot.

  9. Hello mr khan, Thanks for writing an article about 220 High PR DoFollow Forums to Boost Your Blog Backlinks. Its really very much interesting article. Just keep sharing such an article among us so that we can learn many things fro your blog.

  10. This is a great post including many helpful forums. But I guess some of them need updating as forums have been shut down on a few platforms. In addition, some other forums have a strict spamming bots which can get you banned easily. So this list can be reduced to 100 forums but higher quality. Thanks

  11. Thanks for sharing an updated list of forum posting sites…
    Forum site is a good platform for discussion.
    I am a blogger and also use the forum site to get the proper solution to my problem related to SEO, digital marking and blogging. Your forum list is very helpful for me.
    Wordpress newbie always faces a problem of backlinks but people like you solve their problem with such a helpful article. Keep writing and sharing such article.
    Thanks in advance.

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    It’s provide lot’s of information, I really enjoyed to read this,
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  13. Thanks for sharing updated list of forum posting sites…
    Forum site is the good platform for discussion.
    I am blogger and also use the forum site to get the proper solution of my problem realted to seo, digital marking and blogging.
    Your forum list is very helpful for me.

  14. Thanks for this post!
    Quality sites all of them, but its difficult to post a link.
    Almost every site has strict policy on link posting.
    What’s your way out for that?

    Thanks again

  15. Thanks for sharing forum posting sites…

    i created the account on above some forums and got approval from webmasters to ask the question to expert.

    I also created new thread and received the valuable answer from expert for my question.

  16. A great post for bloggers who wants to rank their website in search engine results. A blogger can spread their blog worldwide if there blog will rank high in search engine result. Forums is a good option for creating backlinks & good way to rank in search engine results. Thanks for sharing a huge list of forums sites. It’s not only useful for bloggers even useful for other visitors who are searching for forum sites.

  17. I just bookmark and saved your post here im going to try this all forums and give you feedback once its success .this would be a big help mostly to all beginners thanks you author.Keep it up

  18. Thanks for providing us with such a comprehensive list. You must have carried out serious research to be able to come up with this.

    Link building is not child’s play, I must confess. If you overdo it, you’ll get manual action for webspam; and if you don’t do it your site will not rank high. Which is why understanding and picking a balance for our link building strategy is of extreme importance.

  19. Thanks for the above information it helps me how to get backlinks and the above sites for the High PR links as i fond from the above article how to built a quality back links

  20. Amazing Artice Written. I am very much glad to read your article.
    I am Following Your From Last 6 Month- Brother and really linking the stuff
    you post on your blog on Regular Basis.
    Keep Posting blogs like this….. Thanks alot

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  23. I would not believe forum still works. But after reading your article, I realized that active on forum is very important to get ranking and high quality traffic. Most use forum to put signature backlink and when they don’t get any result , they say forum does not work for SEO.

    No activity, no Google considerations to get you ranked

  24. Thanks shafi khan for giving us these valuable links but most of them is broken and or there pr is very low i suggest you to edit them again after analysing them .

    • Yes. According to me, they are still helpful for link building when done in a proper way. You can’t just create 30 accounts in a single day and leave the forums forever.

      Link Building from any method is effective as long as look natural.

      • Another good share!

        Totally agree with your this term “Link Building from any method is effective as long as look natural.”
        Forums are a good source of backlinks. Only thing is how you are operating it.


        • Building quality backlinks are really tough,you must have to pay extra attention while building backlinks. forums are still the best way to build backlinks and drive quality traffic to your blog.
          Nice Article shafi

          • it is This was helpful to me
            I’m really looking for a way to get a link back to my site
            my site is moblon.ir
            But for a long time I did not find a source so good
            Complete list of forums With Pr …

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