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When it comes to starting a blog, you’ll face two hurdles:

  1. Investment
  2. Technical knowledge

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to invest money in something unconventional like blogging or online businesses.

And if you decide to spend;

Choosing the right host, installing WordPress, setup, etc. can turn out to be a challenging task.

HostPapa Christmas sale is here to hit two birds with one stone.

Not only they’re making it insanely cheaper to start a self-hosted blog ($0.99/month), HostPapa has an easy to use interface that will make it a breeze to install & setup even for complete newbies.


HostPapa Black Friday

Starting 24th December 2019, you can start a blog for just $0.99/month with a free domain name, host unlimited sites, unlimited storage, free advertising credits, and a lot more.

Additionally, with HostPapa’s one-click WordPress installation, you can set up a professional blog in under 5 minutes.

Validity: 24th December 2019 -30th December 2019

  • Unlimited websites
  • Free domain name registration for the first year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Professional 24/7 support
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • $0.99 per month (valid on 36 months plan)

Keep reading to learn more.

About HostPapa Hosting

Started in 2002, HostPapa is one of the top choices to start a blog or business website in 2019.

As of today, they host around 500,000 sites across the globe.

They are essentially based in Toronto, Canada but have server locations in multiple countries including North America, South America, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia to name a few.

Moreover, HostPapa is a proud green web hosting provider meaning using them will ensure that you’re helping mother Earth.

They have also won several awards and have a 90%+ satisfaction rate for existing customers.

All in all, HostPapa is a great web hosting provider for beginners and small businesses.

HostPapa Coupon – Christmas Sale Discounts

Offering huge discounts on Christmas sales is pretty much the norm now. But, HostPapa is taking it a step further by offering almost 90% off on shared, managed WordPress, and reseller hosting.

HostPapa Christmas 2019 sale will start on December 24th, 10 AM EST and end on December 30th, 10 AM EST.

During the offer period, you can avail any of the following live offers:

1. Shared Hosting

Starter Plan – Suitable for a basic blog or website. You can host up to two websites under this plan and get access to all the essential features.

Hosting PlanMonthly CostTotal DueFree Domain
36 Months (3 Years)$1/month$36.00Yes
24 Months (2 Years)$4.21/month$100.98Yes
12 Months (1 Year)$5.06/month$60.69Yes

Business Plan – This plan is ideal for small business owners or those who want to host more than two sites. With this plan, you get unlimited SSD storage, can host unlimited sites, and get 2x more CPU and MySQL resources.

Hosting PlanMonthly CostTotal DueFree Domain
36 Months (3 Years)$1/month$36.00Yes
24 Months (2 Years)$4.21/month$100.98Yes
12 Months (1 Year)$5.06/month$60.69Yes

Ironically, there’s no price difference between the starter plan and the business plan. So, I’d recommend you buy the business plan for 36 months to enjoy maximum savings.

2. Optimized WordPress Hosting

WP Starter Plan – Suitable for one or two smaller WordPress sites. It comes with a limit of 100 email accounts and 100GB of SSD storage.

Hosting PlanMonthly CostTotal DueFree Domain
36 Months (3 Years)$1/month$36.00Yes
24 Months (2 Years)$4.95/month$118.80Yes
12 Months (1 Year)$5.95/month$71.40Yes

WP Business Plan – Choose this plan if you are an online entrepreneur or a business owner who needs to host unlimited WordPress sites. You get access to unlimited emails, unlimited SSD storage, and more server resources.

Hosting PlanMonthly CostTotal DueFree Domain
36 Months (3 Years)$1/month$36.00Yes
24 Months (2 Years)$6.95/month$166.80Yes
12 Months (1 Year)$7.95/month$95.40Yes

3. Reseller Hosting

Becoming a reseller hosting provider is a lucrative way of making money without investing a lot of money.

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You can buy hosting from HostPapa, sell it under your own hosting company, charge whatever price you want to, and enjoy a hefty profit. All without managing a single server or knowing the technical know-how.

Hosting PlanMonthly CostTotal DueFree Domain
Bronze (1 Month)$1/month$1.00Yes
Silver (1 Month)$1/month$1.00Yes

Now, that you have a basic idea of who HostPapa is and what they’ve to offer, let’s dive right to why use HostPapa in the first place.

HostPapa Hosting Features

Below is an amazing list of features you get to enjoy when using HostPapa to host your website.

1. Free Domain Name Registration

The domain name is as important as hosting and it can’t get better than having domain and host from the same place. The integration becomes much easier and you can directly start with setting up the website.

If you were to buy a domain name from another register, it’ll cost anywhere from $10-15. With HostPapa, you’re saving that amount on top of a 90% discount on hosting plans.

With every annual or longer plan, you can register a free domain name (valid on multiple extensions) for the first year.I’ll talk more about how to avail free domain in some time.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage

As your site grows, it’ll become more server intensive. And if your server is capped to a low value, you’ll start facing problems.

You wouldn’t want to have this bottleneck when your blog or online business is booming, would you?

Thankfully, HostPapa is one of the amazing hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth and storage to make sure your site doesn’t go down.

It also means that you can go viral and not worry about server downtime. 

However, note that the fair use policy applies and if you’re using too many server resources, HostPapa will ask you to upgrade to a higher plan.

3. 99.9% Uptime

Do you know what happens when your website goes down? You lose both visitors and revenue.

And when a first-time visitor sees that the website is down, he/she may not bother to visit again.

Wouldn’t it be painful to watch customers dropping your site when it’s clearly not your fault?

Lucky for you, HostPapa isn’t one of those lazy hosts who doesn’t respond quickly when a server is down.

Although HostPapa claims a 99.9% uptime, I have found that my website hosted with them hasn’t been down for three months straight.

That’s an excellent achievement in itself. Part of the credit should also go to their CDN feature which I’ll discuss next.

4. Free Cloudflare CDN

According to WPBeginner, Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers that helps deliver your website files faster to the users based on their geographic location.

Essentially, what it does is to save a cached copy of your site on various servers all over the globe.

When a user requests your website, CDN delivers the files from the visitor’s nearest location to reduce load time.

For example, if your site is hosted on HostPapa North America location, it’ll take some time to load for those visiting from Asia (because of the huge distance.)

With Cloudflare CDN, the site won’t be loaded from North America’s server but from a saved version in the nearest location, say Singapore.

It makes your site loads faster, has a cached copy available in case of downtimes, and provide a better user experience.

With HostPapa hosting plans, you get access to Cloudflare CDN without doing anything technical (told you, HostPapa makes it easier for non-techies to have a powerful website.)

5. 1-click WordPress Installation

Talking about simplicity, what’s better than the ability to choose from hundreds of apps/scripts and install with one-click?

For a beginner, it sounds too good to be true.

With HostPapa, you get to use the popular Softaculous installer which has over 400+ readymade apps/scripts and can help you install any of them with one-click (and yes, WordPress is one of them.)

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It also allows you to manage multiple installations, delete, upgrade, and take regular backups.

6. Free SSL Certificate

If you’re wondering what’s that green padlock in front of almost every website these days, it’s because of an SSL certificate.

Simply put, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate shows that your server is properly encrypted and all the information passed is saved in a secure manner.

It’s also become a huge trust factor for both Google and humans. 

If you’re planning to sell something on your website or want them to trust, you need a valid SSL certificate.

HostPapa is offering free SSL certificates created and verified by Let’s Encrypt. These SSL certificates are automatically activated and renew without you having to touch a single line of code.

Once SSL is activated, you can access your site using https and proudly look at the green padlock that says “secured”

Note: Even if you decide to not use HostPapa and use some other host, I’d recommend you to confirm that you’re getting free SSL certificates. They’re a must for all types of websites in 2019 and beyond.

7. Excellent Customer Support

Do you know the secret behind the success of tech giants like Amazon and Apple?

It’s nothing other than customer satisfaction.

Both of these companies try their best to provide best-in-class customer support to make sure each and every problem is resolved. And that’s pretty much the success recipe for all companies.

HostPapa is no different and they’ve proven it time and time again. To make sure all of your queries are properly answered, HostPapa has 24/7 customer support.

Communication method supported are:

  1. Live chat
  2. Phone support (local)
  3. Email
  4. Fax (local)
  5. Ticket-based support

What’s more surprising is that they have local support centers for multiple countries which makes it easier for you to contact and communicate in your preferred language.

In my experience, I found that I got the first reply almost instantly with live chat and phone calls. For support tickets, the maximum I had to wait was 15 minutes.

Customer support is indeed one of the areas where HostPapa shine and I can comfortably rate them 5 out of 5 on this.

8. Free Website Transfer

If you’re stuck with a hosting provider that doesn’t satisfy your needs, you should make a switch this Black Friday season. And HostPapa is making it easier for you to do so.

You can get all your websites transferred from your old host to HostPapa for free. Their technical team will handle all the migration and make sure nothing breaks during the process.

Your site will also be in safe hands and wouldn’t go down neither SEO will be affected.

If you were to hire someone else, it’d cost at least $100 per site for complete migration which can quickly add up.

This feature is also very helpful for those who want to save on renewal charges which are often multi-fold to that of the first invoice.

For less than $36, you can enjoy unlimited hosting for the next three years without worrying about renewal charges.

9. Additional Security Features

One thing we hate the most on the internet is – security risks.

You’d often hear that hackers have hacked into servers and stole important files. Sadly, that’s the case with most sites and if you don’t have proper security measures in place, your site is at risk.

Fortunately, with HostPapa your site is extra secured when compared with other budget hostings.

With every plan (yes, even starter plan), your server comes equipped with regular attack monitoring, a server firewall, Panda Cloud anti-spam, and intruder alert detection.

With higher plans, you also enjoy automatically backups, dedicated IP, and privacy protection for domain names. They also employ CloudLinux to ensure your site’s performance isn’t affected by others.

10. Independently Owned and Operated

If you’ve been in blogging space for a while, you’d know about Endurance International Group – the parent company that owns most of the popular hosts like BlueHost, HostGator, BigRock, iPage, and 70 other companies.

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So, basically, EIG is probably the biggest player in today’s web hosting industry. Here’s a list of all the hosts that comes under the EIG brand.

While it’s not a bad thing to work under a large corporation, I have found that the quality of many hosts have reduced since they were acquired by EIG. And it holds true for both BlueHost and HostGator.

One primary reason could be that these corporations focus more on profits than customer satisfaction.

Luckily, HostPapa isn’t one of them and it’s a privately-owned hosting company. It simply means that HostPapa controls all their decisions, are quick to make changes for the good, and provide better support.

If you are someone who wants to escape EIG, HostPapa would be the safest bet.

11. 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

To be honest, offering a money-back guarantee is the only place where HostPapa falls short of its competitors. It offers a no-risk, 30-day guarantee while most others offer at least 45 days.

It’s not a huge difference but I’d appreciate a longer guarantee period that allows you to test the host thoroughly.

Nonetheless, 30-days is still a decent time period to test HostPapa and decide if you want to continue.

In most cases, you shouldn’t face any major issue but if you do, you can ask the support team for a full refund.

That’d be it for the important features of HostPapa and I’ll leave the rest for you to explore.

Let’s now look at the steps you need to follow to avail HostPapa discount deal.

How To Avail HostPapa Black Friday Deal

The process itself is very easy but let me walk you through with screenshots. Simply follow the steps below and enjoy this extreme discount before time runs out. Follow along!

1. Click here to visit HostPapa deal page (opens in new tab)

2. Scroll down to choose your preferred hosting plan. I’d recommend going with the Business plan that offers unlimited websites, hosting space, and a lot more.

HostPapa Hosting Business Plan

3. Make sure that the hosting term is set to 36 months (the huge discount of $0.99/month only applies to 36-month plans)

HostPapa 36 Months Hosting Offer

Additionally, you can remove these additional services, otherwise, your total amount will be higher than $36.

HostPapa Upsell Services

4. On the next screen, choose your free domain name. It applies to multiple domain extensions (.com, .org, etc.)

HostPapa Free Domain offer

4. If the domain is available, it’ll be added to your cart. The price may jump to $45.99 because of Whois privacy. You can remove it from the order to bring the total back to slightly under $36.

5. Enter your personal details and check out with your preferred payment option.

Congratulations!! ??

You’ve saved over 90% off on your hosting and don’t need to worry about renewal for the next three years.

But the rain of freebies isn’t done yet, continue reading to know how you can get a professional blog set up for free.

Bonus Service: Free Blog Setup

If you’re interested in starting a WordPress blog but don’t want to get your hands dirty in setting it up, I’m here to help.

Everyone who uses affiliate links on this page to buy hosting from HostPapa (during Christmas sale) can avail:

  • WordPress installation and setup
  • Installation of recommended plugins (SEO, security, features, and more)
  • 30-days email consultation

Interested? Follow the below steps:

1. Use this link to buy annual or tri-annual (recommended) hosting from HostPapa. Don’t forget to grab your free domain name deal.

2. Forward your purchase receipt email to shafi@blogcharge.com (to verify that you’ve purchased from my affiliate link)

3. I’ll reply back in 24-48 hours asking for access to the server and other blog details

You’ll get your professional blog setup in less than 72 hours. Sounds like a sweet deal?

Hurry before I’m over-booked.

Final Words

Christmas sales are my favorite part of the year to purchase new tools and services at never before prices.

It’s also a great time to buy hosting for longer terms so that you don’t need to shell out extra on renewals. HostPapa is making the hosting deal more lucrative with its $0.99 sale.

To recap, you get unlimited hosting, free domain name, professional support, very good security, impressive customer support, and a lot for just $0.99/month (valid on 36-month plans.)

Hurry up and avail of this ravishing Christmas deal before the timer runs out of time. You’ll have to wait for another year or two to enjoy this amazing deal (who knows, it might not come again?)

As a reminder, the sale will be live at December 24th, 10 AM EST and end on December 30th, 10 AM EST

If you’re here before time, add it to your calendar or bookmark this page for fresh updates.

Have you used HostPapa before? Feel free to drop your experience and thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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