Leadpages vs ConvertKit (2022): Which Marketing Tool Does Your Business Need?

Leadpages and ConvertKit are two popular marketing tools that pride themselves in intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop landing page builders. However, they specialize in two different areas of your marketing process. What Leadpages does best is landing page building and providing campaign analytics while ConvertKit is more of an email automation tool that also comes with a landing page builder. Depending on your goals, you are more likely to need one over the other. Keep reading our  Leadpages and ConvertKit comparison below so you can better choose between the two.

Leadpages vs ConvertKit Comparison Chart

Leadpages logoConvertkit logo
PriceCheck Pricing Plans at Leadpages.comCheck Pricing Plans at ConvertKit.com
Standout FeaturesKiller landing page templates, Affordable monthly plansIntuitive email marketing automation platform with a forever free plan
Landing PagesUnlimitedUnlimited
Email AutomationNoYes
Subscriber SegmentationNoYes
Unique VisitorsUnlimitedUnlimited
Pop-Ups and Alert Bars YesNo
Dynamic Text ReplacementYesNo
Payment ProcessingYesComing soon
A/B TestingYesYes, for email subject lines
Landing Page Templates80+30+
Free Trial Period14 days14 days, Free plan available until 1,000 subscribers


Leadpages has straightforward pricing plans while ConvertKit’s monthly rates depend on the number of subscribers

Leadpages vs convertkit (1)
Both Leadpages (top) and ConvertKit (bottom) give a discount if you opt for annual billing

These marketing platforms are friendly options for small businesses as their base plans have lower rates than their counterparts.  Leadpages’ plans start at $25/month if you sign up for its annual subscription. If you decide to be billed monthly instead, Leadpages charges $37/month for the Standard plan, $79/month for the Pro plan, and $321/month for the Advanced plan.  The Leadpages Pro plan already includes three sites, A/B testing, email trigger links, opt-in text campaigns, and online sales payment. Among the various competing landing page builders in the market today, Leadpages’ pricing plans remain one of the most cost-effective.

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What makes ConvertKit an attractive option for newer businesses, marketers, or content creators is its free forever plan for up to 1,000 subscribers. This means if you’re still growing your subscriber list, you can still start your email marketing campaign at no cost to you. ConvertKit’s free plan includes a customizable domain, unlimited landing pages, templates for sign-ups and landing pages, unlimited traffic, and email broadcasts.

If you opt for ConvertKit’s Complete plan, you’ll get access to its more advanced email marketing features. Once you get more subscribers, however, ConvertKit charges more. For instance, if you get 5,000 subscribers to your email list, that costs $79/month when billed monthly or $64/month when billed annually.

Customization & Ease of Use

Both are easy-to-use platforms, but Leadpages offers more landing page templates than ConvertKit

Leadpages vs convertkit (2)
Even though ConvertKit has limited landing page templates, they still look professionally-made

Whichever you choose between the two, you’ll get a landing page builder that’s friendly and doesn’t require much of a learning curve. Their templates are clean, professionally-designed, and can be easily customized to your field or branding kit. If you’re looking for more landing page templates, Leadpages offers a wider array of options than ConvertKit. Leadpages categorizes its range of templates by conversion, categories, and industries.

Meanwhile, ConvertKit lets you choose its templates by usage, and every category has limited options to choose from. However, what it lacks in this department, it makes up for through its email designer. You can choose from email templates the one that best fits your campaign goals. The templates are simple, clean, and allow customization through changing the colors and images. You get easy access to thousands of photos you can use for your emails through Unsplash, which is automatically integrated with ConvertKit.

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Leadpages has more conversion-optimization features while ConvertKit offers more email automation tools

Include pop-ups and alert bars (left) in your landing pages with Leadpages. Meanwhile, ConvertKit (right) lets you segment your subscribers for better relevance and engagement. 

Leadpages and ConvertKit provide different tools that cater to different marketing needs. What Leadpages does well is helping you design landing pages that are focused on conversions. It includes conversion-optimized templates, alert bars, and exit-intent pop-ups, analytics, and real-time optimization tips through Leadmeter. As you design your landing page, the Leadpages Leadmeter gives you feedback on how conversion-friendly your design is so you can make necessary changes as you go. Leadpages plans also include SMS opt-in campaigns if you want to expand your platform.

Another noteworthy feature of Leadpages is the Leadpages Checkouts powered by Stripe. This means should you decide to accept one-time or recurring payments, you can do so within the Leadpages platform. The availability of a payment gateway within Leadpages lessens the need for third-party integration for this sole purpose. ConvertKit doesn’t offer this yet, but they’re brewing something similar for its users.

Meanwhile, ConvertKit is not as conversion-focused as Leadpages. It has fewer bells and whistles in this department, but it does let you start broadcasting emails to your subscribers right off the bat. With Leadpages, you’ll need a separate email marketing tool to take care of segmentation, automation, and email broadcasts. What makes ConvertKit an excellent choice is it delivers your emails to your subscribers’ inbox without issues. ConvertKit also has text-based email templates that help your emails land inyour subscribers’ actual inbox, and not go straight to spam.

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Both platforms can be integrated with popular third-party software

Leadpages vs convertkit integrations
Connect your existing marketing solutions with Leadpages and ConvertKit

As both marketing tools are not exactly all-in-one solutions, you will need third-party software to fulfill certain steps of your marketing and operational process. Both Leadpages and ConvertKit support connection with a wide range of tools. WebinarJam, Infusionsoft, Zapier, Calendly, Paypal, Squarespace and WordPress are some of the available integrations. Make sure to double-check each platform’s available integrations before choosing between the two to ensure a smooth, straightforward process for you, your team, and your audience.

For a complete list of Leadpages’ integrations, click here, and for ConvertKit, you can check it out here.


PPC marketers will benefit from Leadpages’ conversion-optimized designs while those who want to focus on building a subscriber list and nurturing subscriber relationships will like ConvertKit’s email marketing tools.

Leadpages and ConvertKit are platforms that can provide different sets of marketing solutions. If you often run PPC campaigns and need more robust tools to monitor your ad campaigns, Leadpages can serve your needs better. On top of its wide array of templates, Leadpages also has more advanced split testing and conversion-focused tools than ConvertKit. If you want to start selling digital products or memberships in the future, Leadpages can also process online payments for you, too. Leadpages lets you try its platform for 14 days for free here.

On the other hand, ConvertKit suits you better if you want an affordable way to start growing your subscriber list and want to eventually offer paid products and services to your subscribers. With Leadpages, you’ll need a separate email marketing platform while ConvertKit handles that aspect for you. While ConvertKit seems attractive for its price, keep in mind that once you grow your subscriber list to the thousands, ConvertKit won’t seem as budget-friendly as it is when you’re only starting. The good thing though is by then, you’ll hopefully be earning from your offerings to your subscribers. You can start your email marketing campaign for free on ConvertKit here.

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