After a week of confusion and pieces of advice from friends, I finally decided to move my site to a new domain and create a new brand which is easy to remember and short to write.

I finally settled on the name for two main reasons:

First, it is short. As compared to previous name MyBlogLift, this name is short and easy to remember.

Secondary, it represents what I do much better. I help bloggers start their blog and turn it into a profitable business, and the new name matches perfectly for it.

I got a new logo designed and moved the domain and redirected the old domain to it. Although this could affect the SEO temporarily, I’m after a long-term gain.

There could be some bugs, and it would be great of you guys will help me find them.

Contact me if you find any bug related to design, functioning, responsiveness, codes, links, or any other thing & I’ll try to resolve it ASAP.

Do leave your reviews on our new name and what you think of the change?

Lastly, do share this post and help me reach a maximum number of readers.

Posted by Shafi Khan

Hey Readers, Welcome to I am Shafi Khan, the person behind this blog from Mumbai, India. I started this blog to share my knowledge on SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing, and Making Money Online. Know more about me ...

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Filip Zafirovski

Great article Shafi, thanks for the share.

Do you think the change of the new domain will bring you much more success than previously?

Kind regards,