October 2016 Blog Income & Traffic Report – $97.66

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blog income traffic report October 2016

Woo Hoo!!

It was the second month of my serious blogging, and I have achieved some of the beautiful goals.

Every month on 8th I publish my Blog Traffic Income Report, and here I share my blog insights and how it performed in the following month.

Additionally, I add some secrets and lessons I learned by blogging.

If you are new to MyBlogLift, then you should have a look at my first-month blogging report.

Last month I setup myself with few goals which I wanted to achieve.

Here are goals I set for myself in October 2016. I have struck out those I achieved.

Pageviews – 3000 [Not Even Close]
Pinterest Followers – 700 [Not Even Close]
Twitter Followers – 200 [Success]
Facebook Followers – 10 [Success]
Subscribers – 40 [Missed by Two]
Earnings- $1+ [Success]

So let’s get started with the Blog Part.

Blog Report

In October, I published 12 posts which are five less than the last month.

This month I spent most of the time brainstorming new content ideas and promoting my pre-existing articles on social media.

3 Most Popular Posts of October 2016 are –

Traffic Report

October saw a nice increase in traffic and users. I had total 924 visitors which resulted in 2232 overall page views.

Not what I wanted, but satisfactory, considering it was my 2nd month of blogging.

Here’s a screenshot from my Google Analytics Dashboard.

Blog income traffic report october 2016

Coming to traffic sources, Pinterest proved to be my first traffic source with almost 30% overall blog traffic.

Google Organic and Flipboard were second and third highest traffic sources respective.

My articles have started ranking on SERPs, and I believe Google Organic to bring double traffic next month.

I will continue to promote on social media channels for leveraging more targeted traffic.

Social Media Followers

Here are my social channels stats w.r.f to 8th October –

Twitter Followers – 216 (Follow Now)
Pinterest Followers – 578 (Follow Now)
Facebook Page Likes – 46 (Like Now)

The Great thing is that I launched my Facebook page 10 days ago and already got 40+ likes on my page.

I am considering to buy or use trial period of automation tools to see if they can grow my followers count.

For Facebook and Twitter, I am using Buffer Power Scheduler which lets you schedule number of posts throughout the week.

For Pinterest, I would be trying ViralTag as they offer 14-day free trial and six-month free usage if you do a review post.

I plan to use it for ten days and do an honest review and see if they accept me for the free pack.

If you know, any better automation tool for Pinterest then let me know via comments.

Email Subscribers

If you are a regular user, then you would know that I switched from MailChimp to MailerLite last month.

MailChimp is still a great option for small business owners and blogger, but the lack of automation features is something I would have loved.

MailerLite lets you have up to 1000 subscribers with premium features for free.

Total Subscriber Count – 38

I launched an ebook titled “Traffic Tsunami” which included 400+ traffic sources. Download for Free >>

I got 21 new subscribers out of which 16 were because of this freebie.

Thanks to MailerLite I was able to offer this freebie for my subscribers with automation without spending on Email Service Provider.


Here comes the part you’re most concerned. Numbers!

In October, I earn $97 from my blog (doesn’t include any freelancing work)

Income Breakdown

BlueHost Affiliate$65 (Start A Blog)

MyThemeShop Affiliate$26.66


Total Income$99.66


Facebook Ads – $10

Total Earnings$87.66

**I’m yet to receive BlueHost commission as it is held under their policy.

3 Valuable Lessons I Learned

1. Blogging has the potential to help you earn full-time income if you are consistent and passionate.

2. Leverage the social media power. Use proper tools whenever necessary to automate your task.

3. Help newbies as much as you can. They will turn out to be your loyal visitors.

Now, it is time to set goals for my next 30 days of blogging.

Goals for November 2016

1500 Unique Visitors (I am dropping the idea of counting page views.)

1 Ebook Launch on How to Start A Successful Blog where I will share all my personal experiences. (Free or Paid, will decide later. What’s your suggestion?)

At least 10 New Posts and Update and Recycle 2-3 Older Posts.

70 Email Subscribers

Social Media Targets

Facebook Page Likes – 70
Twitter Followers – 350
Pinterest Followers – 700 (sticking to my last month goal.)

Additionally, I will try to join at least 10 Facebook Blogging Group and 10 Pinterest Group Boards.

I have seen bloggers do wonder with these and leverage millions of users for free. Hope I could achieve 1/10th of that.

If you know any active blogger FB group, you’re part of then do let me know.

Summing Up

Overall, I am happy to cross the 60 days of personal blogging finally, and I am excited for more.

I am loving the way every blogger helps each other without being selfish.

I regret not to start a personal blog earlier and stick to freelancing and niche projects, but better late than never!!

If you have any suggestions you can give me then, please do so by contacting me.

Feel free to ask any questions or queries you may have got.

I will be right there to help you anytime you ask.

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31 thoughts on “October 2016 Blog Income & Traffic Report – $97.66”

  1. You will get there my friend. Keep writing content. Keep pinning to Pinterest. Stay consistent. My Pinterest traffic tripled in months. I am pinning almost everyday my friend. Hang in there! 🙂

  2. Congrats! I always love to read post sharing the actual experience with income proof, and i read the whole post you are totally clear with your ideas on how to take your blog to the next step. Thanks for sharing! mate. Keep posting more income reports, will motivative many new members like me.

  3. Hi Shafi, first time reading and commenting on your blog. Like the brutal honesty about sharing everything with your readers. By the way is this the only monthly report you shared? Haven’t shared new future ones? Thanks

  4. Hi Shafi,

    Congrats dude! Keep following your fun. That’s the secret. The key. That’s why your earning income right off the bat, you’re emitting a super energy as you blog. My first 60 days of blogging was me writing for a chorus of crickets LOL!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  5. Hey Shafi, I like your transparency. It is typically not easy to let everyone know your blogging income until you start making huge money. $97 is not big but it is definitely a great start especially to think you made that in only 60 days. It took me about 4 months before I could monetize my first blog. Keep up with the good work. ?

    • Hi Isaac,

      I was inspired to start this blog after reading at least 20 income reports from different bloggers. That’s the reason why I started doing income report on a brand new blog even when I made $0 in the first month.

      If my income reports can inspire a single blogger, then the reason of sharing is successful.

      Thanks for the kind words. Keep visiting.

  6. You’re doing an incredible job! I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and have made roughly $80.
    It’s so interesting to see how bloggers generate traffic. I’m not that great at Pinterest and get almost no traffic from there. Over 87% of my social media traffic comes from Twitter. Good luck with your goals going forward! I recently posted my goals and blog stats for October if you have some the time to check out, please do. 🙂

  7. Awesome! I’ve only made two dollars in a year of blogging. 🙁

    But I’m probably not pushing things (in a good way) like you, or have my own domain.

  8. @shafi

    Well i am one of those visitors who became your loyal visitors, Congratulations for making your first income within 60 days of your blogging career.
    Keep Updating,Keep Motivating


  9. Hey Shafi,

    It’s good to see that you’re growing. Congrats.

    Affiliate marketing is one the best ways to make money online. BlueHost and many theme providers are there.
    You’re using Facebook ads, good decision.

    Keep it up.

    • Thanks for the wishes Ravi.

      I agree that Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online if you know how & what to promote.

      I tried my hands on Facebook Ads and didn’t get the desired results. But, I am learning.

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