Ontraport vs Infusionsoft (2022): Which Email Marketing Platform Is Best For Your Business?

If you’re a business owner, then you’re probably constantly thinking about how to stand out from the competition. Do yourself a favor and get the help of an internet marketing platform such as Ontraport or Infusionsoft by Keap. Both offer tools that will help you generate leads and convert them into loyal customers. Aside from email marketing and marketing automation, they also come with CRM and landing page optimization features, making it that much easier to grow your business. So how do you pick between these two all-in-one platforms? Here’s an in-depth comparison of Ontraport and Infusionsoft so that you can get a better idea of their features and choose the better option for your business.

Ontraport vs Infusionsoft Comparison Chart​

PriceCheck Price at OntraportCheck Price at Infusionsoft
Ease of UseDifficultEasy
Lead ScoringYesYes
Lead SegmentationYesYes
SMS MarketingYesYes
Bi-Directional CRM SyncingNoYes
Split TestingYesNo
Bulk Social Media PostingYesNo
Sales ReportsYesYes
Real-Time Sales AlertsYesNo
Web Activity TrackingYesYes

Ease of Use

Infusionsoft has the edge over Ontraport when it comes to ease of use. 

Infusionsoft lets users customize their user interface according to their preference. 

Infusionsoft by Keap (formerly just Infusionsoft) got a major upgrade and its user interface is now much more user-friendly. Its menu used to be found at the top, which can come across as overwhelming, but now, it’s located on the left side of the homepage and looks more organized. What’s really great about it though is that you can customize the UI according to your preference. You can remove sections and widgets that you don’t find useful so that your space is clutter-free and simple to navigate. On the homepage, you can even display the tasks that need to be done for the day, allowing you to easily keep track of your marketing and sales activities on a daily basis.

While Ontraport does try to be user-friendly, it’s nowhere near as simple and straightforward as Infusionsoft. The experience comes across as quite basic and outdated and the UI isn’t as appealing to the eyes either. One of the most troublesome things about it is that if you’re working on a campaign or creating a new landing page and would like to head back to the homepage, you’d have to go through the entire dashboard again. Aside from its complicated UI, Ontraport as a whole requires a lot of getting used to because it is, after all, quite a robust platform with advanced tools. If you’re not an experienced digital marketer, then chances are you’re going to have a hard time learning the ropes.

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Ontraport’s automation features are more robust than Infusionsoft’s. 

Ontraport provides users with templates so that it’s easier to get started. 

Infusionsoft gives you plenty of automation rules to choose from, allowing you to make your workflows as complex as you’d like them to be. You can even pick out goals that you’d like your customers to perform such as completing a web form or opening up a link. Infusionsoft also lets you create similar sequences so that you can be sure that your customers will end up at the same goal even if they take a different path. There is, however, quite a bit of learning curve involved, especially if you’re not familiar with the if-this-then-that process of automation. You don’t have to worry though because you can learn all of these things during the onboarding process where you’ll be guided through the campaign builder.

Ontraport’s campaign builder may not be as attractive as Infusionsoft’s but it’s definitely more robust. It’s extra easy to create your workflows because everything is very visual. You also get access to a wide range of pre-made templates which will come in handy if you’re not exactly sure how to get started. The best part is that they each come with a checklist so you can be sure that you’re not missing out on anything before you launch a campaign. Another great feature of Ontraport’s campaign builder is that it allows you to share your workflows, making it so much easier to collaborate with your team members. But the best thing about Ontraport would have to be the fact that you can create automations across multiple channels including social media and SMS.

Email Marketing

Ontraport has a wider range of customization options compared to Infusionsoft. 

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Ontraport lets you add all kinds of elements to your emails. 

One thing you should know about Infusionsoft is that it calls its newsletters “broadcasts”. So if you’re wondering where the email templates are, they’re at the Broadcast tab. While they have a nice range of templates to choose from, it’s not nearly as extensive as what you’ll get with other platforms. It’s a good thing though that most of the templates have a fresh and modern look to them. Plus points as well for the easy-to-use email editing tool which allows you to tweak and customize the templates however you want to. If you’d rather build from scratch, however, you can do that too via the drag-and-drop builder. Basically, you just place the blocks where you’d like them to go and you’re done. Before finishing up, you can always get a preview of your email first to see how things are looking like.

With Ontraport, you have three options to choose from: Simple Mail, OntraMail, and Raw HTML Mail. If you want access to the most visually impressive templates, go with OntraMail. Not only are the templates very clean and professional, but you also have the option to include social media buttons, headers, slideshows, images, videos, and countdown timers to make your emails more impressive. Similarly to Infusionsoft, Ontraport gives you a block-based editor which is very straightforward to use. You can also choose to customize the pre-existing designs or create your own from scratch. While they have those things in common, it looks like Ontraport wins this round again because of its wide range of customization options, allowing you to pretty much add anything to your emails.


Infusionsoft is more affordable but Ontraport offers more value.

Infusionsoft gives you three plans to choose from.

Infusionsoft gives users three pricing tiers to choose from, namely the Grow ($79/month), Pro ($149/month), and Infusionsoft ($199/month) plans. If you have a tight budget to stick to, the Grow plan would be the best option for you although you’re not going to get that all-in-one experience. The best value for money package would have to be the Pro plan as it already gives you segmentation, automation, and contact management. That said, if you really want to have access to the platform’s more advanced tools and features, invest in the Infusionsoft plan. It’s important to note that all of the mentioned prices are just the minimum and you’d have to pay extra if you want to go beyond 500 contacts and 1 user. You also have to shell out even more if you want to get expert coaching.

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As for Ontraport, they have four pricing tiers to choose from: Basic ($79), Plus ($147), Pro ($297), and Enterprise ($497). While its prices may seem steeper than those of Infusionsoft’s, you actually get more out of your money, especially when it comes to contact management. Even if you were to go for the Basic plan, you already get up to 1,000 contacts which is double than what Infusionsoft offers. As for the Pro plan, it’s going to cost you quite a hefty sum but that also means you get to have 10,000 contacts, a huge level up from Infusionsoft’s standard of 500. Another great thing about Ontraport is that no matter which plan you choose to go with, you’re sure to have access to all of the platform’s features. Also, Ontraport offers a 14-day free trial, allowing you to test things out before you commit. You can even get a full refund for up to 30 days if you’re not completely happy with its services.


Choose Infusionsoft if you want ease of use but pick Ontraport if you want more advanced tools. 

Infusionsoft by Keap excels in the area of usability and design so if you’re looking for a user interface that’s very pleasing to the eyes and extra easy to work with, it’s definitely the platform for you. Infusionsoft also provides users with fantastic looking templates so you can be sure that you’re always making a good impression on your customers. You do have to note though that Infusionsoft is quite limited when it comes to contact management, making it more suitable for businesses with a smaller customer base.

As for Ontraport, it’s definitely the better choice if you’re after more robust tools (especially in the area of CRM) and highly advanced analytics. It allows for a much larger contact base as well, making it perfect for larger businesses with a wider reach. You do, however, have to prepare yourself for a steep learning curve, especially if you’re an email marketing newbie. The user interface is not the most user-friendly and its tools are quite difficult to master as well.

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