10 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Stand Out from The Crowd

Awesome Pinterest Marketing TipsPinterest is one of the major source of traffic to BlogCharge and without it, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results I have got in less than 4 months of blogging.

But, not everyone has a success story to tell with Pinterest and even Top Bloggers fail to get outstanding results from the Pinterest community.

This post is dedicated to all those struggling bloggers who want to see traffic and establish themselves as a brand.

After applying these 10 dead simple Pinterest Marketing tips you will see hundreds of repins and followers flocking to your Pinterest profile.

10 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers and Businesses

Make sure, you read the complete article first and then start taking actions. Half knowledge is dangerous and I don’t want you to waste your time and not get the desired results.

Moreover, once you start getting traffic, you won’t be able to leave Pinterest. So, it is better to target first with a proper strategy.

Let’s get started.

#1. Pin Larger Images

As you may already know, Pinterest widely uses vertical images and the standard size of a pinned image is  735px x 1102px.

However, there’s no limit to the size of a pin and you are free to pin larger images.

The best size I would recommend is to create pins of length 1300px that are both large and doesn’t get hidden.

Because of the length, the users will spend more time looking for it and the extra space allows you to add more information and punch lines to the graphic.

Pinterest now hides part of a longer image i.e. a longer pin won’t be shown completely but the reader needs to click on it for complete images. According to Pinterest, images with 2:3 ratio tends to work best.

You can create custom size graphics using Canva, a free and beautiful tool. Or use Photoshop if you have prior experience with it. To make your life easier, here’s a Canva guide which will help you get started.

Larger Images for Pinterest

#2. Design Your Pins & Boards

Establishing yourself as a brand takes more than just pinning random pins with random designs.

While you may want to test which design works best, you should try to design all your pins as well as boards with the same color model.

It helps users in recognizing your pins and thus making them believe that you’re a popular brand.

Below is an example.

How to Brand Pins Example

Branded Pins Example

#3. Create Multiple Pins

You can’t be sure of what your followers will like the most and hence I suggest you to create at least three different pins for each article you publish.

You can use different colors, titles, background images, sizes, and descriptions. Wait for few days and promote the pins with a maximum number of repins and engagement.

It is similar to creating multimedia headlines for sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are few pins I created for one of my recent articles.

Create Multiple Pins for One Article

#4. Verify Your Domain Name and Enable Rich Pins

Verified domain name means to have your website name or username below all the pins that are pinned from your site.

It doesn’t matter whether you or your visitors pinned it, your profile will be displayed. Verifying your domain name increases the chances of getting repins and clicks.

You can also apply for Rich Pins using the instructions given on this page.

#5. Join Pinterest Group Boards

Find And Join Pinterest Group Boards

Group boards allow multiple users to contribute to a single board and all the followers of this board will see these pins.

A good follower count to see before joining a group board is 5000 followers. Most of the times you’ll get clear instructions to join in the group board description.

If not, comment on some pins of the owner of group board and ask for an invitation. Alternatively, send him/her a personal message asking for permission.

Tip: PinGroupie is a great tool to find Pinterest group boards in your niche.

#6. Use Keywords and Hashtags

Try to use relevant keywords within your post title as well as in the description of your pins. You can also add popular hashtags in your description area.

Having proper keywords and hashtags will rank your pins in the Pinterest search results.

The ideal length of description is 100-150 characters. Try to use related keywords and hashtags in a natural way. Pinterest gives importance to hashtags, so do a proper research beforehand and target popular ones.

#7. Pin More & Frequently

A large number of popular Pinterest users are pinning at least 50 pins a day to various Pinterest Group Boards and personal boards.

The more you pin, the number of users you reach and thus your chances of getting repins increases. I myself pin at least 40 pins per day and thinking of taking that number to 100 pins a day soon.

It’s hard to pin that much and at the correct time manually, hence I recommend using Viraltag which lets you schedule unlimited pins for an affordable price.

Start your 14 days FREE Trial + Get $15 Credits

#8. Write About Trending Topics

Blog Topic Research using Google Trends

Like every other social media channel, Pinterest users also like to read trending news and share them. Keep track of what’s popular in your niche and try to write an article about the same as early as possible.

Getting viral is the best way to get huge amounts of traffic. If any of your pins go viral, you’d get hundreds of live visitors to your site and more social shares.

To keep track of trending topics, make use of tools like Google Trend, BuzzSumo, and TrendHunter.

Related Read: How to Start A Viral Quiz Site (Step by Step)

#9. Create Infographics

Infographics are the best way to represent information in a visual way that makes it easy to understand.

And Infographics works like magic on Pinterest.

You may get fewer clicks on the article but you’ll surely get many repins, likes, and followers. Moreover, many bloggers will also add your Infographic to their websites with a link or mention. Free promotion!!

In your pin description, add some sentences which allow users to use the pin if they’re willing to link back to the main source. Since many Pinterest readers are personal bloggers and do not worry much about SEO, you can easily negotiate a dofollow backlink.

Tools to Create Infographics:

1. Canva

2. Piktochart

3. infogr.am

#10. Engage With Other Pinterest Users

And finally, the common way that works on every social media as well as forums. Engage with other Pinterest users in your niche, pin their new pins, and comment on their pins on a regular basis.

Once you have befriended with them, ask them to share your pins with their followers. You can also ask for helpful tips on your new Pinterest friends. Additionally, if you’re having a rough time getting Group Board approval, this strategy will be of great help.

Did You Enjoy These Pinterest Marketing Tips

Pinterest can be a great network to get traffic and grow your brand presence. And with these 10 Pinterest Marketing Tips, you can easily take actionable steps.

However, you can’t completely rely on Pinterest as often the bounce rate is high. I have seen a potential growth from Pinterest and thus recommend all users to invest some time promoting here as well.

Already a Pinterest user?

Share your views on Pinterest and do you think it has the potential to make you a popular blogger? If no, Why?

Don’t forget to socialize this post with your friends and followers and do pin the graphics from this page to your favorite Pinterest Group Board(s).


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