45 Amazing Places to Share Your Blog Post And Get Huge Traffic (2021)

The next big thing you would be struggling after starting a blog is to get traffic.

I have seen people spamming over different social sites and forums to get traffic but does that work? Hell no. No one likes spammers. On the flip side, some bloggers are too shy to let others know about their latest post and think of getting traffic automatically.

If you are too shy or afraid to share your articles thinking people will dislike it, then trust me your mom will be the only one reading your blog.

Don’t close your laptop and go to bed once you hit that ‘publish’ button. It’s where the game starts.

There are many ways to promote your latest articles, and I have compiled a list of 45 blog promotion sites where you can promote your blog posts and get significant traffic.

You may already be a part of a few of the below sites but I am sure, you are unaware of many. Before sharing the list. here’s one very important rule to follow:

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45 Best Blog Promotion Sites to Get Free Traffic

Free Traffic Sources for Bloggers

So, let’s get started.

1. Email Newsletter

Your email subscribers are the first ones who should get to know about your emails. They have signed up for that, right?

Email Subscribers are the most loyal visitors you can have, and they are most likely to read every new article by you.

If you don’t have an email newsletter then quick, sign up at MailerLite and get started for free. Plus, you get to use the automation feature with the free plan.

2. Email Signature

If you’re someone who discusses a lot of business over email, then email signature is a great way to get traffic. Even a simple email signature which says, “check out my latest article” will work unexpectedly.

You can create beautiful email signatures with the help of this tool.

3. Pingler

Pingler lets you ping your article to search engines for free. This free tool will let search engine bots know about your latest article and request them to index it as soon as possible.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest Tips - Be Yourself

A lesser-known yet effective social media channel to share your articles and get targeted traffic to your site. Pinterest is my #1 source of traffic, and I love the community over there.

Anything you share here is called pins, and you save your pins in pinboards. You can create pinboards for every category of your site and start adding pins to them. The recommended size for a pin is 600 x 900 px or 2:3 ratio.

The users here love designs and graphics, so if you can create beautiful pins, your pins have better chances of being viral. Unlike other social media channels, Pinterest pins don’t die and will keep bringing traffic to your site for the rest of their life.

Join a few Pinterest Group Boards to get more repins from fellow bloggers. I’ll soon be sharing a guide to Pinterest Marketing and for the time being, you can follow me.

Read: 10 Actionable Pinterest Marketing Tips to Stand Out from the Crowd

5. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social media site, and it has millions of daily users. Create a Facebook page of your site and start publishing your articles here.

You can also share your post on your timeline to get more traffic. Facebook Ads are also great to get the first followers and user base.

6. Google+

Google+ is a hidden treasure for bloggers. Everyone knows about its potential, but very few use it. You can join large communities with over thousands of members and share your latest articles with them.

Friends and followers in your circle will see your posts in the search pages which can boost your traffic. You can join my own community to get started.

7. Twitter

Twitter is a robust social media site, and it is less spammed than Facebook. You can share a maximum of 280 characters in a single tweet that tests your creativity.

Building a user base is essential if you want to be seen more.

Moreover, if you ever mention or link to any other blogger, then Twitter is the best way to let them know that. They’ll probably retweet it with their thousands of followers.

8. StumbleUpon

You may have probably heard about StumbleUpon. Working of StumbleUpon is on simple, you add your pages to it, and users will stumble upon them. Choosing the most relevant category and tags are essential in StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon has been closed and transferred to Mix.com – a platform I’m yet to try. You can give it a go and let us know how it works in the comment section. For the time being, replacing it with another interesting platform, Empire.kred

8. Empire.kred

If you’ve ever invested in the stock market, you’ll love this platform. Empire.kred is a social stock market where influencers help each other grow stronger by building deeper connections. It has a virtual currency known as “$Eaves” which you can invest in other profiles and build a network.

Another interesting feature is “social missions” where you have to complete an action or task which is as simple as  “Visit a web page”, “Visit a Tweet”, “Visit a YouTube Video or Channel” or “Visit a Location”

By completing these missions, you get a chance to connect with the brand and both parties are expected to share feedback. I’m still in the learning stages of this social platform and will update with more tricks.

9. Inbound.org

Inbound.org is a community of bloggers and digital marketers. People here are accommodating and always ready to help. You can ask questions or share your latest articles with other bloggers. The key here is to create attention-grabbing titles. Case studies, experiments, and a massive list of contents are more popular at Inbound.org.

This site is no longer working and has been replaced by Growth.org which yet to be launched. I’m replacing #9 with Amino.

9. Amino

If you spend a lot of time on your mobile, Amino is a perfect place to connect with people and share your articles. Amino is a mobile community which has grown millions of users in a short span of time.

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Similar to Reddit, they have a community for each and every topic you can imagine. You can join any community and ask questions, share articles, or chat with people.

It is a good place to start as it is not as saturated as other social media channels and you can actually grow big if you use it consistently.

10. Reddit

Reddit is the front page of the internet. It is perhaps the most active community over the Internet, and it has the potential to bring thousands of visitors a day.

Reddit users aka Redditors love the unique stuff and hate spam more than any other community. And they’re good at mocking 😉

There are subreddits for almost every possible subject with strict rules. If you ever break the law, you will be directly banned from the subreddit.

Check out this guide from Startupbros.com about Reddit Marketing. A must-read.

11. Instagram

Instagram is the sibling of Facebook and possibly the most active social media app. You can place only one link (in your bio), but that works like a charm. Update: you can also post links in your story.

The key here is to engage with other users and get as many followers as you can. Building followers are quite easy as the number of active users on Instagram at any given time is enormous. Follow others, post beautiful pictures, and use proper hashtags. You’ll soon see thousands of followers in your account.

Check out my Instagram case study where I grew a brand new account to 1000 followers in 14 days.

12. Snapchat

Similar to Instagram, Snapchat is also a smartphone app that more or less is used for social interaction. Snapchat is relatively new in the industry, but Internet marketers have already started creating their space.

If you want to target the young audience with age between 16-25, Snapchat is a great platform.

13. LinkedIn

Linkedin is the social media of professionals, and here you’ll find only like-minded peoples to connect. It serves as an excellent platform to connect with influencers.

The only thing to remember when promoting on LinkedIn is to stay professional. Contents like crack software, hacking, and streaming sites won’t work here.

Also, try to be as personal as you can to get more likes and comments on your posts. Starting with a story and then sharing the link the bottom will work better.

You can borrow some tips from Ravi Chahar, he’s an expert in LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn Promotion Example

14. Klinkk

Klinkk is a blog submission guide where you can submit your latest post. If your article makes it to the front page, then expect good numbers of visitors on your site.

The community has been closed and turned to a blog. I’ll find a better replacement soon and add it here.

15. Growth Hacker

Similar to Inbound.org, GrowthHacker is a community of internet marketers. You can share your latest articles, and the community will like or dislike it in the form of upvote and downvote.

Do not ever spam or self-promote too much. Your account will be disabled without any prior warning.

16. Quora

Quora is the world’s leading Q&A site, and people from all over the world ask questions and look for answers here.

You can leave links at the bottom of your replies which motivate users to read more. However, don’t overdo it and always write helpful articles.

One simple strategy is to find questions with less than 5 answers but thousands of views. Write an answer which is more detailed and better than the rest, which should quickly make your answer go to the top.

If you start spamming, then consider your account banned. Quora also works as a great content curation tool.

17. Yahoo Answers

Another popular Q&A site which has been live before Quora. Although Yahoo answers are pretty much close to its end (since being replaced by sites like Quora, they rank well for some search queries.)

You can expect to get some good traffic if your content is helpful and doesn’t look spammy. Follow the same promotion strategy as that of Quora.

18. Flipboard

Flipboard is another traffic machine that can make your site crash. Working is simple, you create related boards and submit your articles. Other users will see them while flipping around.

Users can add your content to their boards and vice versa. Just to let you know, Flipboard is was my third highest traffic source which has been now taken by Pinterest.

One thing to note about Flipboard is the strict guidelines. One of my accounts has been blocked since I was only sharing my own content again and again. It’s suggested to keep a proper balance and share others’ content before sharing yours or follow the popular 80:20 rule.

19. Tumblr

Tumblr is another social media cum blog platform to share images and posts. It lets you create your blogs where you can link your website and the latest articles.

Although it is not as popular as other social media channels, niches like art and image-focused works pretty well here. Also, if you’re into adult content (wink, wink), Tumblr is a great platform to explore.

It has a unique schedule feature so you can spend just 10 minutes and automate a week worth of content.

20. Medium

Medium is a blogging platform that is actively used by Internet marketers and professionals to share case studies, personal experiences and more.

You can create an account and submit your stories and link to your articles on it. Personal and life teaching stories are more likely to go viral on Medium. Don’t keep posting the same articles on both your blog and Medium. It will cause a duplicate content issue, and your followers would be annoyed.

Share once in a week or month when you have something useful to share that you’ll not share on your blog.

21. Triberr

Triberr, as the name suggests is a place where you can create your tribes. Other users can follow your tribe, and you have access to upgrade them as a member or not.

Tribber is focused on small bloggers and businesses, and if you’re a team player, you will get more shares from other bloggers in your niche.

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22. Digg

Digg is the homepage of the internet, featuring the best articles, videos, and original content that the web is talking about right now. If you can manage to get viral here, expect your servers to get crashed.

23. Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz is a site that can quickly turn your latest blog post to an internet sensation. I started using this platform actively last month and with 10 minutes of work (by sharing other useful articles), I get shares from top bloggers in the industry.

I highly recommend this platform if you’re a noob and want quick exposure for your articles. You can also buy the credits to save time and increase your reach.

Freebie: Take this free “Social Media & Content Marketing with Viral Content Buzz” course from Udemy to learn more about Viral Content Buzz.

24. Social Buzz Club

Social Buzz Club is an influential social media marketing community. People over here are kind enough to share your content on social media networks.

It’s not a very big or active platform, but definitely worth a try sometimes.

25. Ello

Ello is a community of designers and artists. However, you can freely share your latest articles here and expect some folks to reach out to your website and read it.

If you are into fashion, art, or food, then you’ll love people at Ello. It’s also a great example of minimalistic design and creativity put together.

26. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a professional content curation site that lets you share articles with the right set of individuals.

You can get started with a free account and learn how it works. I have started being active here, and the results are decent so far.

27. Del.icio.us

It lets you save, organize, and remember the links you found on the internet interesting. Not as active as it used to, but still a good place if you can manage to get 10 users a day.

28. AllTop

AllTop is a popular RSS feed site that automatically shares your latest articles. There are various categories in which you can apply and submit to your blog.

The interesting thing here is that you don’t have to do anything once you’re accepted. Your latest article will automatically be listed on the category page – making it a perfect set-and-forget sharing platform.

Your application may get rejected if you are submitting to a non-relevant category and your articles aren’t up to the mark.

29. Kingged.com

Kingged is a community to find bloggers in your niche and promote your items. Kingged works on ‘give and take’ principle, you leave comments on other blogger posts, and they will return the favor by leaving comments on yours.

30. DoSplash

DoSplash is a community where you can share your latest articles, which are judged by others using upvote and downvote system.

There aren’t many active users as there used to be, but still, if you can manage to be on the homepage, you’ll see good traffic coming on your way.

31. Feedly

A popular RSS and news aggregator used by thousands of people. Similar to AllTop, Feedly requires minimal work on your end. You just have to choose the targeted topics and every new post will be shared with the community.

Readers can also share the article with friends or colleagues, so the chances of word-of-mouth marketing are more on this platform.

32. SlideShare

Slideshare is a website where you can share presentation files (ppt) of your latest articles. This platform can bring a lot of traffic as it has a massive user base and daily active users.

Also due to its high authority, SlideShare slides rank on the first page of Google for thousands of keywords giving a great chance of visibility.

Converting articles into another form of shareable media is what I refer to as blog recycling. Check out my post where I have shared nine more ways you can recycle old content and get new visitors.

33. Flickr

Flickr is an image sharing website with millions of active users. You can create a new account and share your pictures on Flickr. You are supposed to add links in the description area which are clickable.

Again, don’t go self-centered and share featured images and link to it. If you have good images from your recent trips, share them here and occasionally add backlinks to your site. You can also request others to use the images for free in exchange for a backlink to your site.

They get something beautiful to add to their article, you get a backlink – win-win situation.

34. Sniply

Sniply lets you add a little call-to-action to every link you share on social media. So, if you share an article from another famous blogger’s site, then it will have a little CTA which will entice users to visit your blog.

35. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a new blogger’s community site that grabs content from your RSS feed and automatically shows it to your followers.

It is a great platform to find related bloggers and read their latest articles at one place. You can also follow blogs in your niches to stay updated with their most recent content.

36. Insighter.io

Insighter works similar to Sniply but offers some better features worth trying out.

For instance, apart from just adding a call-to-action button in shared links, you can add a subscriber popup, capture leads, and engage with the readers all while sharing other’s contents.

It integrates with many of the services including Hootsuite, Buffer, and HubSpot. The free plan allows up to 250 clicks a month, and paid plans start from $19/month for up to 5000 clicks.

37. CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

CommentLuv is a WordPress comment plugin used by many bloggers that enable your commentators to leave a link back to their latest articles.

Not only you get a backlink (Dofollow or Nofollow), but other readers can also visit your blog using that comment. The key here is to have an exciting title that can attract readers.

38. Email to Mentioned Sources Asking for A Share

It is probably the most effective method which you can use to get a ton of traffic from influencers having large numbers of followers.

Most of the bloggers feel shy about emailing to the experts and feel that they will think of you as a spammer; trust me it’s not the case. Even they were a noob someday, and they may have tried this method. So, put down your shyness and compose an email to influencers you have mentioned in your latest article.

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Below is a simple email template that I found on Kissmetrics. Simple but does the work well.

Email Outreach to Mentioned People

Note that they haven’t asked for a share in the email as it is understood that if that person liked the article, he/she would definitely tweet about it. It also doesn’t make your email look spammy.

Marius from MarkinBlog has shared some excellent tips about Blogger outreach. I recommend you have a look at it.

39. Zest.is

This is a new platform I came across recently and with my short experience, got decent traffic with average on-site time.

You can add the Zest.is a chrome extension that will replace your new tab with favorite content in your chosen niches. Additionally, you can suggest your own or someone else’s content using the “suggest a link” button.

After approval, your content will go live to thousands of readers.

40. BizSugar

I came across this community for small bloggers and businesses recently. It’s a platform to share your best content with like-minded people. The rating scheme used here is called “sugar” and other members show their support for your content by adding “sugars”

The articles with most sugars are shared on the first page which obviously gets the maximum exposure.

Other members can also comment and start a conversation on your entries. The platform is more targeted towards businesses in finance, tech, management, marketing, and startup niches, so personal blogs (unless very interesting) get lesser exposure.

41. BlogEngage

A perfect platform for personal bloggers and writers to share their latest articles and get meaningful reviews from others. BlogEngage has an upvote/downvote voting scheme which decides how well your articles will be shared with the communities.

Even if you manage to get 10 upvotes, your article will be on the first page of the website or the category. The community here is very active and shows their support by commenting, voting, saving, and sharing your articles.

As of today, it boasts 3500+ members and 50,000+ published stories. Other interesting features include personal messaging, live chat, groups, and occasional giveaways for the members.

42. Blokube

A sister website to BlogEngage, Blokube is a similar platform (with similar design) built for bloggers to share, connect, and grow. In the owner’s words:

Blokube offers a place for bloggers to mastermind. To network. To exchange ideas and interact. Blokube is a community.

The working and features are almost similar to BlogEngage except that there’s no downvoting system. Members can upvote the most useful articles which decide the ranking while avoiding the less useful pieces.

43. AmplifyBlog

Among the thousands of other blog communities, AmplifyBlog is an active community and worth being the part. The working is similar to the above two sites with a few different features.

If your article is good and gains attention, other members will upvote it improving the ranking of the entry. There are two sections namely Home and New. Entries with maximum engagement are shared in the home section which brings them more exposure.

Additionally, there’s a pro plan available where you get a virtual assistant tool to manage all your social media channels starting at $5/month.

44. EasyRetweet

Another “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” platform. EasyRetweet is a platform to get more retweets, Twitter followers, and web traffic.

For signing up, you get 200 free credits which can be used to get retweets and followers. You can get more credits by following and tweeting other member’s content.

45. DoSplash

Started by one of my blogger friends Jane Sheeba, DoSplash is a blog community to share all kinds of articles and blogs with like-minded bloggers.

The registration process is manually verified so it may take a few days before your account is approved by the admin. However, once you’re verified and set up your professional profile, you can start sharing and connecting with others.

Top users get maximum visibility as they’re featured under the header on all site pages.

Blog Promotion is and always will be the #1 strategy to get more traffic and share your work with the world. Without proper promotion, it’s very difficult to stand in today’s overcrowded market.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when using the above blog promotion sites:

#1 – Don’t try to promote you all articles at all these places. That’s not how it works. Also, it will take a lot of your time to understand every site and then build a following. Choose the easiest one (mostly that allows automation) and stick to them.

#2 – Create a plan. Use a spreadsheet or any note-taking an app and create a schedule as to when to post on these sites. Don’t do it all at once.

#3 – It is not a final list. Sites are coming up every day, and it’s not possible for me to try and link them all. If you know, any other promotion site which you use then do let me know. I’ll add it to my list. Bookmark this page as I will keep adding more blog promotion sites as I get to know about them.

#4 – If you’re searching for the links, then please don’t. I haven’t link to any of the sites on the list. Either use Google and search for yourself or download the freebie where I have added URL of each site plus helpful case studies and guides.

I hope these 45 blog promotion sites will help you promote your latest blog post and get more traffic. You don’t have to always rely on SEO for the traffic.

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Signing Off

Blog promotion is your key to success, and it goes hand in hand with SEO. The only difference is that in SEO, you’ll see the results after time while social media gives quick traffic and conversion.

Also, it helps in getting the words out quickly while you wait for your site to rank higher in SERPs.

Found this article helpful, then share these blog promotion sites on any three social networks and help your followers and friends have access to this gem.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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    Traffic is one thing most bloggers always struggle to get, and if one can cool down and share his blog posts on all these sites after publication, It’ll definitely bring back a lot of traffic to his site.

    I’m already with almost all the sites you shared, I’ll check out the rest.

    • Hi Anil,

      Frankly speaking, I can’t believe to have you on my small blog. You’re an inspiration to me and I’ve been following you for years.

      On the side note, thanks for the good words. Keep visiting!

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    Shafi khan i just started writing on my new blog, On fitness. If you have time, Then please have look of my blog and suggest me how can i do much better on it.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Neeraj,

      Content is good but can be improved. Use more images and spacing for better readability. Also, consider using another theme which looks easy on eyes.

      I would recommend you buy a custom domain and switch to self-hosted WordPress if you actually want to grow big.

      Good luck man!

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    I really liked these 39 Blog promotion technic. I will definitely use these technics for my blog. As I am newbie blogger. This article is definitely useful for me.

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    • I agree with you about Quora thing. Quora is a good traffic source if you know how to answer questions and make readers click your link for further information. Even I’m using the same strategy.

      Keep visiting Arafath.

  42. Thank you for the informative post. I am an admin for a review blogger promo and engagement group. A lot of the people in there are a little new at this stuff so I am sure they will appreciate it when I post it in our Facebook Friday discussion!

  43. @shafi doing research for sites that provide organic reach and your article explodes with great info. thanks!

    On another note, I am the founder of Insighter.io which is similar to Sniply but with lots of added marketing and conversion features within our badges (can hold downloadable and gated content, full profile view, exit intent, badge rotation, subscribe, multimedia ..) also our analytics are elaborated and actionable (16 parameters of engagements and conversions). I invite you to visit us and hope you may consider mentioning us in your article as well 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      I took a look at Insighter.io and I’m pressed with what it has to offer. I especially loved the options to engage with the readers and show opt-ins. As a gratitude, I have added your tool in the list (replacing Start A Fire, which is no more functional).

      Keep visiting 🙂

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    • Hey,

      Your writing is good but I won’t recommend you going this broad with your first blog. Try to narrow down your niche and focus on one category at first.

      Also, go get a custom .com domain name, switch to WordPress.org and host your website. If you’re serious about blogging and want to make it your full-time income source, you should invest a bit.

      Feel free to contact me if you’ve any doubts.

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    Thanks again. TC & Bye

    • Hi Rupesh,

      Those are well-known sites but many of us just stick to 2-3 platforms while we can use much more.

      You can automate most of the task using various tools available if you’re facing the timing issues. Keep visiting 🙂

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    Love this list. Triberr is my fave. I even wrote an entire eBook on how to drive traffic through this platform. Good news update on SAF too; time to disable my browser app with this one. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Hi Ryan,

      Glad to see you here on MyBlogLift. It was a shocking news that SAF has been discontinued, I felt sad removing the chrome extension.

      Keep visiting 🙂

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    • Reddit is one of the strictest community on the Internet. You need to post on a related subreddit after reading all the rules. If you violate anyone of them, you’ll be instantly banned without warning.

      Keep visiting and commenting.

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    Excellent list. Every option here is really important. We have to use these sites to share our blog posts. I have already joined all of these places and start sharing my posts. Thanks for sharing.

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    Keep working hard ! All the best for MyBloglift.


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    Created a checklist according to that. But you always have to tickle down the list according to your own business.

    Remember Guys, you have to be active and reply on queries ASAP in you profile.

    For me, choose like 5-10 platforms only and do maximum efforts to promote your business there. I am sure you generate a lot of business/traffic with that rather make 100’s of Ids on different platforms and don’t know how to handle all of them


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    Well great list of places where we can share our blog posts.

    Although I haven’t tried majority of these as i do not generally share my posts as i focus on Search Engine, although I love Scoop it as it saves a hell lot of time by helping me share content to Facebook, Twitter and on many more places.

    ~ Katty

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    This is one comprehensive list. Thank you.

    I will definitely add them to my list of promotion platforms.

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    I tried signing up on klinkk but the login section didn’t show it. Is it that they don’t accept new members of what? Meanwhile, I have registered on GrowthHackers but haven’t updated my profile due to a challenge I’m experiencing with the site. I know if I can get Yahoo Answers and Quota right, I will hit my goal.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Emenike,

      There’s a login section in the top navigation menu, and you can connect your Twitter account for easy sign-up. I don’t think they have stopped accepting new members.
      GrowthHacker can be tricky, and they do take new signups seriously.

      Let me know if I can help in any way possible. Have a good day.

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    Personally speaking, I’m experimenting with both Tumblr and StumbleUpon: the former has begun brining decent results, while I’m still struggling with the latter… time will tell 🙂

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    Thanks for the list of sites. I use half of them and I do have to say that Sniply helped to increase my traffic. I’ve never heard of Pingler but it looks like it would be a great tool.

    One more tool I like it add is StartaFire. It’s similar to sniply and a bit more convenient, but despite that, I still use both tools.

    Thanks for the share Shafi! Have a good one!

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