7 Qualities of Successful Internet Marketers We All Desire (2021)

There are billions of internet users around the globe. But there are only a few of them who know how to make money from the Internet. Those guys are broadly classified as Internet Marketers.

Who is an Internet Marketer?

Internet marketer is any individual involved in Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, or Paid Search to make money or drive traffic.

In simple terms, an Internet Marketer is anyone who knows how to promote products and services on the Internet and make sales.

Is it easy being an Internet Marketer?

Hell no. Technically being an internet marketer is a whole lot of job than traditional marketing. You’ve to keep updated with latest technologies, do a ton of analytics, and possibly have very small amount of money to spend.

However, if you succeed, you’ll earn multiple folds income than traditional marketers, without leaving your comfortable home and wearing a pajama.

Successful Internet Marketers I Admire

Admiring someone and getting inspiration someone who has already done what you want to do, is one of the common things everyone does.

Every small individual, be in any field, admires the successful people and want to replicate (or out-cross) their levels of success.

Internet Marketing is no different. I stepped in Internet Marketing a few years back, after getting inspirations and the confidence from below mentioned personalities.

Harsh Agarwal

A not so brilliant engineer, with no interest in coding, and not a big fan of a 9-5 job (sound a lot like me) founded ShoutMeLoud.com – one of the best internet marketing blog in India (my home country.)

He started blogging back in 2008 when online blogs were rarest and started writing about technology. Today, ShoutMeLoud makes more than $25000+ per month and Harsh Agarwal has motivated hundreds of students and working professionals to start their own blog.

SML Income Reports

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward started his blog journey – as a game reviewer when he was 13 years old. Today, he is an established internet marketer and his blog (MatthewWoodward.co.uk) have won tons of precious awards. Here are few of them –

  • HubSpot Top 5 Internet Marketing Blog March 2015
  • Affiliate Summit Best Affiliate Blog 2013
  • Technorati Top 100 Business Blog July 2013
  • The Best Of Search Engine Journal 2012
  • ProBlogger One To Watch 2013
  • Unbounce Top 75 Internet Marketing Blogs
  • UK Blog Awards 2015 PR & Marketing Highly Commended
  • UK Blog Awards 2014 Digital & Technology Highly Commended

Matthew too earns $20,000+ every month from his blog and some other side projects.

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Matthew Woodward Awards

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is one of the highest earning Internet Marketer of all time. He graduated from college with an architecture degree, but due to some unforeseen conditions, he was laid off from his job.

But his blog – SmartPassiveIncome.com, helped him create a multi-figure online business. Currently, he makes over $1,00,000 every month.

SPI Income Report

Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the master of Search Engine Rankings. He has worked with top industries and his blog backlinko.com is one of the best resources to help people with SEO.

I have read all of his articles (btw, there are only about 30 of them – Brian doesn’t post believe in quantity but quality) and they have helped me learn the basics and advance tactics of link buildings.

Brian does not share his income reports but I’m sure he would be making multi figure income from his online services and blog.

Had they not do what they do (sharing tips, case studies, and income reports), I would never have known about the power of Internet Marketing and the earning potential it has.

Today I am sharing Seven Qualities of Successful Internet Marketers and if you want to be one, you should start building these qualities.

So, let’s get started.

7 Shining Qualities of Successful Internet Marketers

Video person? Watch the below video for a summarized post.

1. A Clear Vision

Successful people have a vision. They have a goal set in their mind and they wouldn’t stop working till they have achieved it.

The same applies to Internet Marketers. You don’t need to set a huge goal, but set small goals and try to achieve them without getting distracted.

Your goals can be anything like having 1000 email subscribers, daily 500 page visitors, or daily income of $50. Every goal counts, and it will help you stay consistent and hardworking.

If you need a real life example, then my goal is to earn at least $3000 every month before 2018. I have stopped publishing income reports as I was busy and the income isn’t that much.

However, I keep getting emails and comments asking to publish my latest income report. I’ll hopefully publish it soon after my exams are over (in June.)

Coming back to the topic, if you want to become a successful Internet Marketer, set a goal for yourself and work hard to achieve it.

2. Love for Reading

The more you read, the more things you’ll know.

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A beautiful quote that stands true for every individual. If you want your mind to think creatively, process faster, and stay up to date, you should start reading daily.

An Internet Marketer who reads on daily basis will have greater knowledge, will never run out of ideas, and stays up to date with technologies and methods that’ll help him grow.

Start with reading 2-3 different newspapers, few pages of a book, and some online forums/blogs daily.

Here are 10 must read books for online marketers and bloggers.

3. Ready to Take Actions

There are two types of people. One who is afraid to start a blog because of the fear of not getting successful and losing their money.

And others who keep trying different methods to make money and are currently making multi figure income.

Successful Internet Marketers fall into the second category.

No one gets successful in their first attempt and it takes a great thinking capacity and courage to invest money on different methods.

You may have failed multiple times, lose your money, but if you are still ready to take the life changing actions, then you have all that it takes to be successful.

Learn from your mistakes, improve them, take more actions, and the success is yours.

4. Curiosity

It goes hand in hand with the above quality I mentioned i.e ‘ready to take actions’. Whenever a new technology, tool, or social media channel pops in, an Internet marketer will be curious to know how does it work and how to use it for more exposure.

And how do they know about new things? Yes, because of their love of reading.

There are certain methods which are unexplored by a lot of bloggers and marketers. Most of us like to follow an existing guide from a successful marketer and try to replicate what he/she has done.

But, if we are curious, and have the courage to take actions, we may be the one writing the guide and others will follow it.

5. Passion

I should have started with this quality on top. Passion is what drives you to do some task and complete it without getting bored.

Successful Internet Marketers are passionate about what they do, they’re ready to help anyone if asked, and they don’t always think about making money, but building a brand.

We’re passionate about things we know and if given a chance, we can work on the same topic for days without getting tired.

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But, what most of us do is to pick a job or niche which is profitable, but not of their interest/passion. At the start, you’ll do good because you’re driven by money, but sooner you’ll start losing interest and probably quit that project.

On the flip side, if you work on a project of your interest, you won’t get bored even if you aren’t making any money at the start. You’ll work hard to grow as a brand and that’s what will lead you to success.

6. Confidence

Confidence comes naturally with success but, success comes only to those who are confident.

True in every sense. Have you ever met a successful person without confidence and with a constant fear of failure?

I bet you didn’t.

They have already been failed so many times that they aren’t afraid of it anymore. They have experience, and they are confident about their work.

You should never underestimate your strengths. There’s also a saying that Confidence is Contagious. If you’re confident, the people around you will automatically feel confident.

Stay confident about your work and creative experiments. It will positively affect your working hours and efficiency.

7. Result – Oriented

And the last quality I want to talk about is Result-Oriented. A successful Internet Marketer will always be result oriented.

They would care about the results, plan for it, correct their mistakes, reformulate their methods until they have achieved a positive result.

Some other traits of successful internet marketers are admitting their mistakes, listening to their customers, and delivering extra work than the promise.

Final Words

Internet Marketing is definitely a great field to work in, and have great potential for those interested in learning new things and helping others.

I have stepped in, and as of now, I’m enjoying being an Internet Marketer – a profitable one albeit 😉

There’s a long way to go and I am trying my best to build the above qualities to smooth out the journey.

P.S. – You can start your own self-hosted WordPress blog for less than $5/month with InterServer (currently powers MyBlogLift.)

What qualities of an Internet Marketer do you have? And which ones you need to work on? Share them in the comments sections.

And lastly, do share this post with your friends and followers. Help them achieve success in Internet Marketing.

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  1. Hey Shafi,

    I agree with almost all the points. Mainly #2, #4, & #5. Every digital marketer needs to have the basic skill – Excellent language. That being said, It’s true that bloggers can start small- but they need to be passionate enough to motivate themselves, to push beyond the boundaries and improve the basic skill.

  2. Those are some crazy figures! I couldn’t imagine the process they went through to reach up to this point. I wonder, what method did they use to earn that big. Affiliate marketing?


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