The Moneytizer Review (2021): Maximize Ads Revenue On Your Website

It’s a common misconception that to earn good money from display advertising networks, you need to have hundreds of thousands of visitors to your blog.

In my experience, earning good money despite high traffic numbers usually boils down to three things:

  1. Your website niche
  2. Visitors geo
  3. Display ad network

For the first two, it’s pretty much understood that you should start with a high-paying niche and target visitors from first-world countries (as they have higher better power) if you want to earn higher.

But, if you have already started in a different niche but want to give your current earnings a boost, you need to use an ad network that is different.

This is where The Moneytizer comes to the picture. It’s a digital advertising platform that offers publishers to earn better revenue with optimized solutions.

You can think of it as Google AdSense but more optimized and with premium partners.

I got a chance to try out The Moneytizer – a premium CPM ad network platform for a few days and test if they can be a good alternative to Google Adsense in 2020.

Today, I’m sharing The Moneytizer review, who they are, what makes them different, how to get in, and whether or not you should give it a go.

Let’s get started.

About The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer was started in 2014 by Augustin Ory as a way to provide innovative solutions and optimize publisher revenue without a complex process.

The Moneytizer forces premium advertisers to compete with each other to place their ads on your website. Essentially, an auction is created for your advertising space in which the highest bidder will win. This means you’ll be earning the maximum possible revenue without doing any extra work.

As of today, they have a network of 40,000+ sites resulting in 250 million unique visitors per month worldwide.

If you haven’t heard of them before, it’s time you get to know them and see why they’re growing so rapidly.

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The Moneytizer Review: Top Features

The Moneytizer Review

1. Header Bidding

Based on the already popular “Header Bidding” technology, The Moneytizer has developed an improved algorithm that allows a pool of advertisers to compete for ad space on your website.

With this competition, your site ads get the most value and you can expect a steady income stream. They also have dynamic floor prices to ensure the ads don’t get undervalued at any time.

As of now, they have over 40 international clients competing with each other.

2. High Impact Ad Units

Ad units play an important role in deciding the final CPM value for every site. A larger and most-clickable ad will be set to higher CPM value when compared with smaller ad units.

To make sure your site can earn the most and every part of the website can be optimized properly, they offer 14 different types of high impact ad units.

TheMoneytizer Ad Units

From native-article ads to half-page banners, mobile ads to video formats, they offer all popular ad units to ensure your site is earning the highest.

3. Smart Ad Refresh

2020 is the age of long-form contents and every new website is trying to create massive articles to rank higher on Google and provide more information to readers.

But writing longer articles isn’t very profitable in terms of monetization as other ad networks show the same ad entire time.

So, even though your visitor stays on the page for 2-3 minutes, they’ll see the same ad (which is probably not interesting to them.)

With The Moneytizer’s Smart Ad Refresh technology, viewable ads will be automatically refreshed to increase impression count.

Since The Monetizer is a CPM-based ad network, your site will benefit a lot with this technology in place.

4. Super Easy Setup and A WordPress Plugin

The only thing that stops me from trying multiple newer ad networks is their complex integration process. Thankfully, it’s not the case with The Moneytizer.

After your registration and successful approval, you’ll receive tags in 24 hours (during business days) to complete the setup. You can even do the setup with their WordPress plugin to further simplify the overall process.

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5. Contract-Free

Another important reason which makes it difficult to try an extra ad network is signed contract and exclusivity. If you’re trying a new ad network and it’s not working as you’d expect, you should be allowed to opt-out without a complex procedure.

The Moneytizer is a contract-free, non-binding, and non-exclusive ad network which simply means you can opt-out and disable their ads anytime with simple clicks.

However, I’d recommend you to try their platform for at least a week. It may take some time for ads to be optimized based on your audience.

6. Better Ad-Quality

If you’re an addict internet surfer like me (a guilty confess?), you may have come across highly promising ads that redirect you to malicious sites.

Underneath, these advertisers try to offer a “too-good-to-be-true” opportunity and then redirects you to spammy pages with malicious or false information.

It’s often possible when ad networks fail to verify their advertisers and ads before making them live. It also affects your site’s reputation as visitors may think you’ve purposefully added them.

Thankfully, The Moneytizer is very strict about ad quality and tries to provide the highest quality ads possible.

7. Dedicated Account Manager

“There’s only one boss, CUSTOMER.” – Sam Walton

And it holds true for every company or organization despite their size. If you can’t solve customer queries on time and offer good customer service, they’ll simply spend their money somewhere else.

As a customer of The Moneytizer, you aren’t left alone during any difficulty as you’re assigned a dedicated account manager. He/she will handle all of your doubts and ensure you aren’t switching to someone else because of a few issues.

It also improves your communication as you’re not jumping from one person to another (and explaining the situation again and again.)

How To Start Using The Moneytizer

As discussed, the process is very easy and with few clicks, you can join The Moneytizer and start serving their ads on your website.

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But first, here are the requirements that your site should meet:

  • A minimum of 10,000 monthly unique visitors (not pageviews)
  • Original content
  • No websites about streaming, adult content, sensitive content, bitcoin, etc.

If your website meets the above criteria, you can start with registration.

1. To apply, visit their English homepage.

2. Enter your website URL and click on “Moneytize” button

Getting started with The Moneytizer

3. On the next popup, enter your personal information (whether as a company or a person)

The Moneytizer Account Creation

4. Now, you need to give information about your website which includes URL, primary audience, website category, and the number of unique visitors per month.

The Moneytizer Application

As soon as you submit this information, your account is created and you’re redirected to the dashboard.

From here, you need to activate your website by placing ads.txt file on your root server location (here’s how)

After the verification, The Moneytizer team will analyze your website and decide if it can be approved or not. This process usually takes around 48 hours to complete.

If your site gets the approval, you’ll receive an email which reads like this –

The Monetizer Site Approval

The Moneytizer Payment Details

If you’re wondering when and how will you be paid, here are the details:

As soon as your website earning’s reach their minimum threshold of $50 by the end of the month, an invoice is sent on the 10th of next month. 

The payment is automatically transferred to you via PayPal or Bank Transfer 60 days after the billing invoice.

Final Words

If you’re someone who’s struggling with low revenue despite high pageviews, The Moneytizer could be a great platform to try. 

They’re one of the best CPM ad networks and with their header bidding and ad refresh technology, your site gets the most value.

I hope The Moneytizer review will help you decide whether or not The Moneytizer is a good platform to try. And if it did, make sure to share the article with your other blogger friends.

Also, I’ll be adding my payment proof from The Moneytizer in some time, so stay tuned for that.

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