Twelve Dollar Blog: How to Start A Blog for Just $12 (2021)

As with any business, investment is the crucial first step to plan before getting started. You should have enough investment to keep running the business in initial months without profits.

With entrepreneurship, there’s always a fear of failure and losing all the investment – the #1 reason many don’t take the first step. The same strategy applies to blogging – an online business which is providing bread and butter to thousands of individuals worldwide.

Although the initial investment required to start a blog is minimal (less than $100 in most cases), but the fear of failure is not.

Imagine if you could start a blog for just $12. It won’t break your bank, you won’t mind losing it, and most importantly, you’ll take the first step.

To make this possible, I’ve partnered with InterServer web hosting to offer my visitors a Twelve Dollar Blog. For just $12, you’ll get:

  • Powerful Web Hosting (Unlimited domains, SSL, speed, and other industry-best features) for 3-months
  • A Top-Level .com domain name of your choice for 1-year
  • Bonus: 30-days personal blog consulting from me 😉

Sound interesting? Let’s see how you can grab this limited-time offer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Start A Blog for $12

To start a blog, the two most important things are:

  1. Domain Name: A website address that’ll allow internet users to access your blog. For example, is where people can find me.
  2. Web Hosting: A remote server storage to host your website data and serve it to visitors.

There are other important things as well as a theme, premium plugins, online tools, etc. but above two are the bare minimum to start a blog.

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To keep our cost under $12, we’ll use only free themes, plugins, and online tools (I’ll send the list, as soon as we start the free blog consulting). Once you’re confident with your test run, you can invest more.

Step One: Choose a Domain Name

Deciding on a perfect domain name (which you won’t regret later) is a crucial planning task. You want your domain name to be:

  • Easy to pronounce and remember
  • Brandable
  • Copyright-free
  • No confusing mix-words (K instead of C)

Here are some rules to keep in mind when searching for a domain name:

  1. Keep it short and memorable
  2. Avoid trends
  3. Make it readable
  4. Avoid numbers and hyphen
  5. Use top-level domain extension
How to Choose A perfect Brand Name
How to Choose A Perfect Brand Name – 5 Important Things to Consider

If you’re finding it hard to brainstorm domain name ideas manually, use these 24 brand name generator tools.

By using these tools and rules shared, you should now have 3-5 domain name ideas written somewhere. If you don’t feel shy, ask your friends to review the names.

Alternatively, you can ask for a suggestion from like-minded people (other bloggers) and online communities (Reddit, Quora, forum, etc.)

There’s no need to hurry or make quick decisions. Take your time and decide a name that can stick for long.

Now that you have a great domain name in your mind, let’s move on to the next step – getting web hosting.

Step Two: Buy Web Hosting from InterServer

I have previously shared my honest InterServer review where I talked about reasons to choose it over BlueHost and HostGator.

Let’s quickly recap the best of InterServer:

  • Monthly payment: No need to buy for years. You can pay as you go without any contract.
  • Fixed recurring charges: Unlike other popular hosts (including BlueHost, SiteGround, HostGator, etc.), InterServer works on a fixed recurring payment system. The prices won’t go up when renewing your subscription and you’ll pay the same amount for life.
  • Beginner-friendly Perks: You get one-click WordPress install, free SSL, free website migration, security, and outstanding customer support.
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With my collaboration, InterServer will offer you:

  • A top-level domain name ($1.99 for the first year)
  • Unlimited web hosting for 3 months

So, the first invoice you’d pay will be just $12 for 3 months. Sounds fair?

Open a new tab, and follow these steps –

1. Visit and click on “get started now” button

Twelve Dollar Blog - Get Started

2. On the “standard web hosting” page click on the “buy now” button.

Twelve Dollar Blog - Buy Now button

3. Enter the domain name of your choice (with extension) in the field provided. If in case you already have a domain name, choose “I already have a domain name” and enter it.

If the domain name is available, you’ll be asked to register it for $1.99 per year. Leave it to “yes” and click on “Continue”

Twelve Dollar Blog - Domain Registration

5. On the next page, register for a new account by entering your email and a password. Click on “Create an account and continue” button.

Twelve Dollar Blog - Create A New Account

6.  This screen is where we’ll save money. Verify that the domain you entered is correct.

Twelve Dollar Blog - Buy Web Hosting

i) Now change the billing interval to 3 months (you won’t get discounted domain name on the monthly plan)

ii) Apply coupon code “BLOGCHARGE” to get first month hosting for just $0.01 and $5/month for the remaining two months.

iii) Set the Whois Privacy to “No” (highly recommended) to save more money

iv) Verify that the final amount to be paid is $12 for a 3-months hosting plan with the domain name.

v) Choose your payment method – PayPal or Credit Card and pay the amount.

Congratulations ? You’ve successfully purchased the web hosting and took your first step towards a successful blogging career. The next thing you should learn now is how to do SEO yourself and rank on Google.

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How to Install WordPress with InterServer

As discussed earlier, installing WordPress is just a few clicks away with InterServer. I’ve already discussed the step-by-step guide here.

Follow the steps mentioned and if you face any issue, contact me.

How to Claim Free Blog Consulting from Me

To make your blogging journey more relaxed, I’m offering a personal 30-days blog consulting if you buy InterServer web hosting using my affiliate link.

I’ll help you clear your doubts and guide you in topics:

  • WordPress basic setup
  • Must-have plugin and theme installation
  • Making your site SEO-friendly
  • Help with blog monetization and affiliate marketing
  • Any other blogging-related queries

To claim the exclusive bonus, you’ve to follow the below steps:

  1. Purchase InterServer web hosting from my affiliate link (minimum 3-months purchase)
  2. Email me the receipt and domain name at shafi[at]blogcharge.Com

I’ll reach out to you in less than 48 hours, and we can start working on building your blog.

Final Words

Starting a new blog can be overwhelming, and the fear of messing everything will always be on your mind. However, if you just have to invest $12 to start a new website with someone by your side to help, it’ll be a more comfortable journey.

The Twelve Dollar blog is a little project I started to help newbies take their first step and make the most out of it. If I made you comfortable, get started and take action.

Consider sharing this article with your friends and family who might want to start a blog on a budget. Also, leave your thoughts about this project in the comments section below.

Want to test your blog idea before investing $12? Contact me for a free one-to-one consultation 🙂

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