201 Words to Use Instead of Very: Effectively Improve Your Writing and Communicate Better

One of the fundamentals of good writing is to avoid weak and vague words. It is a lesson we have been subjected to since school.

Remember how our teachers emphasized on adding meaningful and appropriate vocabulary for a good score?

Well, guess what? We have come to terms with the realization that it was not just for good grades, it was for making an impact on your writing. Making your writing sharpen, rank better on Google, and engage the audience.

Good writing is hard, and writing without repetition is even harder. While writing, we tend to use words common to our understanding that not only makes the text look very bad awful but also leaves the meaning powerless.

One common word from our vernacular is “very”

If you are a blogger, student or in any other domain that involves written communication, this article is for you. It is time for all of you to expand your vocabulary and skip the lazy word.

It will give your confidence a boost, your writing a power, your speech a sophistication and you might be able to land up better work opportunities by being able to communicate more efficiently – you will be finally able to convey your intelligence.

201 Words to Use Instead of Very (Infographic)

201 Words to Use Instead of Very Infographic

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Why It Is Important To Use Powerful Words?

Admit it or not, we have been misusing this word since our initial understanding of the language, and we are all admitting the guilt. Florence King once termed the word “very” as one of the most useless words in the entire English Language.

Florence King says, the word 'VERY' is the most useless word in the English Dictionary. Stop using very and use these 201 powerful words instead.Click To Tweet

According to Florence, “very” is treacherous because of its weakening effect when it is used to do precisely the opposite- strengthening the text.

Words to Use Instead of Very Meme

The word “very” is killing what is supposed to be – powerful and meaningful at the same time. This modifier has been violated by squeezing it in, where it had no space.

Though replacing this word with much complex and more significant words may do the opposite as well. But in many cases, chances of making the text look and sound smarter exist.

It is all about using the right words in the right place.

There exists an entire range of better and powerful words- apparently for a purpose. Expressing ourselves in a better and sophisticated way does not hurt anyone. That is why, expanding vocabulary is a remedy which when appropriately utilized, has the power of doing wonders.

For example look at this sentence; The place was very calm.

The reader understands the meaning, and the phrase seems familiar to our understanding. Now, what if in the same sentence, the word very calm is replaced with something else. It now reads; The place was serene.

Again, the meaning is understood, but substituting ‘very’ gave the entire sentence a whole new intensity and power. It is the power of a good vocabulary. All you had to do is omit the lazy words and replace them with something better.

The easy way is no way and little efforts to expand your word database might come handy in a long way. Your text will value more, and you can keep the readers engrossed in whatever you write.

Final Words

I have gone through a phase of convenient writing and trust me; it is not worth it. If you can improvise, then it is always better to cease the opportunity. Better vocabulary will improve your perception in the minds of people, and you will eventually end up with a good grasp of language and speech.

So, it is time to go ahead and get rid of the word ‘Very’

You can still use it but do not misuse it. Laziness will just not do, not in your work, not in your essays and the sooner you realize it, the better it is going to be for you.

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  1. Hi, Shafi Khan very detailed post on how to use the appropriate word in writing article keep up the good work. Can you give the solution on how to use passive voice in limited because I used to get a lot of errors in WordPress? Any suggestion?

    jeevan Shetty

    • Hi Jeevan,

      Using passive sentences is one of weakness as well. I use Grammarly which points me that I used a passive voice and I try to restructure the sentence. You may give it a try.

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